Giethoorn village

The part of Giethoorn village that most Foreign tourists will see when they visit Giethoorn contains all little islands which are connected by 176 bridges to the mainland. On all these islands there are houses (farmhouses) from the 18th and 19th centuries. A walking / cycling path named: 'Binnenpad' runs right through this area where tourist shops and restaurants (which are well represented) are interspersed with typical Dutch houses with thatched roofs.

About Giethoorn Village

In this area there a no roads and so we can speak of a car-free zone. This area is also referred to as the commercial heart of Giethoorn Village. Places where you can rent whisper boats or board a guided cruise are also in this area. This path is as is like walking on a film set. Since we live in a social media era, it is sometimes necessary to wait for your turn to get that perfect picture of that roof thatched house that your social friends must see of course.

About Giethoorn
About Giethoorn

If you had little money at the time, you had your house covered with reeds. Now it's the other way around. Placing roof tiles on a house is cheaper than having it covered with thatch. Residents of Giethoorn village are happy to stick to that tradition and so the roof is renewed every 40 years.

About Giethoorn village

All these thatched houses surrounded by often deep green well-kept lawns with beautiful flowering hydrangeas in combination with the many waterways with rows of weeping willows along the canals and the 176 bridges you imagine yourself in a romantic fairy tale.

About Giethoorn
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