Giethoorn camper place

There are many ways to spend the night in Giethoorn village. On this page the Giethoorn camper places are discussed.

Giethoorn camper place

Haamstede Giethoorn 

Campsite Haamstede Giethoorn is a medium-sized camper place in Giethoorn. There are 40 spacious paved camper spots at this camper place in Giethoorn. It is located at the Kanaaldijk 17 in Giethoorn. Next to the camper spots is a grass strip where your garden furniture can be placed. There is a very good sanitation with warm water. Free wifi is available. Keep in mind that local rules may apply to prevent corona spread.
The couple who runs this camper place will make sure you don't miss out on anything. It is even possible to order small bites when you arrive. So, that the holiday feeling can start immediately. They have customers from all over the world.
Reservation not possible
Keep in mind that you cannot make a reservation and that you just have to drive by to ask if there is a place available. The campsite is near Giethoorn and yet it is close to bigger cities Meppel and Steenwijk.

Bodelaeke Giethoorn

Camperplace Bodelaeke is a spacious full service motorhome in Giethoorn in the Netherlands. So, this camperplace is located in the middle of the Weerribben-Wieden.  At the campsite there is a private beach called: Bodelaeke. In fact, 2 beaches are exclusively built for the camper guests. Here you can find the unique combination of luxury in a peaceful environment at the waterfront.
How it works
All facilities are of the most modern type and you pay according to use. This works with a card system at the Camperkiosk next to the entrance. After entering you can charge the pass and use what you need. Prices starts from € 16,00 p/d for 2 persons. Included tourist Tax for 2 persons, Wifi, and a power connection at the 69 available. Max. capacity: 99 | Maximum camper length: 12m | Maximum stay: Unlimited
Need a reservation?

No reservation but a fully automatic 24/7 check in and out for motorhomes. Off season: Closed from November - April. Keep in mind that local rules may apply to prevent corona spread.

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