about Giethoorn village

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The roads in Giethoorn village are mostly waterways. A comparison with the Italian Venice is therefore quickly made. Just like in real Venice, you do everything here by boat. However, the gondola in Giethoorn village is called a ''punter'' and the gondolier with paddle has been replaced by a modern whisper motor. It is also possible to hire a punter and propel yourself the old fashioned way with a paddle.

Venice of the North
As mentioned, Giethoorn village owes its nickname "Dutch Venice" to the many canals and 176 bridges. But you should emphasize "Dutch" because in Giethoorn you will not find San Marco square or Canal Grande. Another big difference is the prices for a drink or ice cream. These are a lot lower compared to the Italian example ...

Giethoorn village is not the only place nicknamed Venice of the North. Cities such as Saint Petersburg, Bruges and Amsterdam are also called that way.

The thatched cottages in Giethoorn are actually inhabited by people. The residents of Giethoorn are known to be tolerant, but don't test that. So keep in mind that you cannot just go anywhere and that there are actually private areas.

Car free village
In the village center there is no chance to see a car. However outside the center is if possible to see some cars and roads. So the story of Giethoorn being a village without roads is not completely true. For me that's one of the most intresting facts.

Overnight in Giethoorn
You can even spend the night in Giethoorn. Multiple hotels, campsites, camperpitches and even a hostel provide a varied offer.


Residents - 2795 in 2020
Tourists -Tourists more than 1.000.000 tourists from all over the World.
When - No mather what the weather is, all year round there are visitors in Giethoorn village.
Monopoly game - On the international Monopoly board Giethoorn has a brown color and lies between 'Start' and 'Madrid'.



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