Giethoorn travel hacks

Normally the tourists come at 11.00 A.M and leave at 18.00 P.M.
Just try to come earlier than 11.00 A.M or later then 18.00 P.M to avoid crowds.

Canal cruises costs normal Eu7,50 per person for one hour.
Rent a private-boat for Eu15,00 per boat for one hour (8-max) per boat.

Giethoorn Travel hacks
Relaxing in Giethoorn
Giethoorn Travel hacks

When you are in Giethoorn village and it is to crowded.
Google {Dwarsgracht} looks like Giethoorn without Tourists. {10 minutes drive}

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Do you not want to get stuck in the center of Giethoorn with your boat.
Avoid this center with an alternative route. Ask you boat landlord for the route.

rent a boat in giethoorn
Giethoorn Travel hacks
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