Public holidays Netherlands

This page is about the public holidays Netherlands 2021. During most Dutch public holidays, all Dutch are officially free. Find out how the Dutch celebrate, the public holidays in the Netherlands in 2021 and 2022 here.

New Year's Day 2021

January 1, is the day that almost all adults in Netherlands are broke from the champagne. Besides cleaning up the fireworks mess and the obligatory visit to your in-laws, the Dutch have a special tradition on 1 January.

Dutch tradition

New Year's Dive Scheveningen 2020

The Dutch new year starts with a dip in ice cold water during the traditional 'New Year's Dive'. In fact, this all started in 1960, with a New Year's dive in Zandvoort. The biggest New Year's dip in the Netherlands is in Scheveningen. This dive in the sea at Scheveningen started in 1965 with 7 people. Nowadays, the Scheveningen dive is done by 10.000 people, all going into the ice-cold Dutch seawater at the same time. In 2020, it was possible in 229 Dutch places, to celebrate the new year close to home, according to this Dutch tradition. In Giethoorn there are no crowds on this day, so ideal to rent a boat in Giethoorn.

Netherlands corona measures

All events on January 1, 2021, have been cancelled by the Dutch government before New Year's Day. Read more about the corona measures in the Netherlands.

Day off

Most Dutch have a day off on the first day of the year. Banks and government buildings are closed on this day. Public transport operates, sunday's timetable on New Year's Day in the Netherlands.


No crowds will be found on this day in Giethoorn. A perfect day to rent a boat or have a walk in Giethoorn.


Easter weekend 2021

Good Friday - April 10

Dutch Easter
Dutch Easter fire 2019

Dutchies have a long weekend off at Easter. The weekend usally starts at Good Friday. The Day before Easter is a public holiday. However not all Dutch have a day off. Traditionally, many Germans come to celebrate Easter in the Netherlands. Dutch banks are closed during the Easter weekend.

Easter fires

In the Dutch provinces of Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland, Overijssel, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland, Easter fires are lit in many Dutch villages and towns during Easter Sunday and/or Monday. As a result, with a North-Easterly wind, you will smell the Easter fires all over the Netherlands. The tradition of lighting Easter fires is very old and dates back to the pre-Christian period.

Easter Breakfast
Easter breakfast

Easter Sunday - April 12

The Dutchman often starts this day with an Easter breakfast. The Easter breakfast will also be skipped and an Easter brunch will be organised. In recent years, the Dutch restaurants have responded to this, by offering Easter brunches. The Dutch like to be pampered with painted boiled eggs, a bread basket full of croissants. On this day, the Dutch often go to family, the forest, the beach or Giethoorn.

Easter Monday - April 13

Easter Monday starts just like Easter Sunday. Traditionally the Dutch are going outside, on the Easter Monday. Examples of popular destinations, for this Monday, are, the furniture boulevards, hardware stores, museums, keukenhof or Giethoorn.

Dutch Easter and children

Especially Dutch children, are very much looking forward to Easter because they are allowed to paint boiled eggs. Then the eggs are hidden inside or in good weather outside in the garden, after which the whole family goes on a scavenger hunt to find all the eggs.

Easter in Giethoorn

If the Easter weekend comes together with nice weather, then there are possible crowds in Giethoorn. Exploring Giethoorn by boat is one of the things, the Dutch do during Easter. Check out the weather forecast here.


King's day 2021

King's day Amsterdam 2019

King Willem-Alexander - April 27

In 2013, Dutch King Willem Alexander succeeded, his mother Princess Beatrix. Since then the Netherlands has a King. The largest party in the Netherlands is on April 27 and called King's Day. Because, it is the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander!

King's day in Netherlands

The Dutch flags are raised outside and there are also several music events in different Dutch cities, for all ages, on this day. In fact, it is a Dutch tradition, to wear orange clothes and drink beer on the steets, that day.

King's day in Amsterdam

If the weather is nice during King's Day, the canals of Amsterdam are completely filled with boats with music boxes day in 2020 was cancelled due to the corona outbreak in the Netherlands.

King's day in Giethoorn

Dutch royal family 2020

No crowds in Giethoorn on this day. A good day to go to a Giethoorn boat rental and rent an open sloop boat.

King Willem and Queen Maxima visits Dutch Places

Traditionally, the King, together with a number of members of the royal house, also makes a ceremonial visit to one or more municipalities of the country on this day.




Liberation Day Netherlands 2021

Old armed forces honoured in 2019

Liberation Day - May 5

This Dutch National holiday is yearly celebrated on 5 May. On this day the liberation of the German occupation in the Netherlands in 1945 is celebrated greatly. On 5 May, the Netherlands will also reflect on the great value of democracy, freedom and human rights. In 2020 the celebration was supposed to be dedicated to'75 years of freedom'. Living resistance heroes from all over the world would be celebrated this day. Unfortunately, it was cancelled, due to the corona pandemic in the Netherlands.

Concerts and festivals

Liberation Day in Netherlands is normally celebrated with annual concerts and festivals. Such as, the Liberation Concert in Amsterdam and Liberation Pop in Haarlem. Therefore, Liberation Day is just like "Good Friday", a national holiday. However, not everyone is free. In fact, it is common for a day off to be given every 5 years.


Just like on King's Day in the Netherlands, giethoorn is not so busy on liberation day. Look here for the best time to visit Giethoorn. There will be plenty of boats to rent in Giethoorn. If liberation day falls on a Sunday, it could be a bit busier in Giethoorn.


Ascencion Day Netherlands 2021

May 13, most of the Dutch can then enjoy a day off. This makes Ascension Day an excellent day for a fun outing with your partner, your family or with a few friends. Ascension always falls on a Thursday. The Dutch often make it a long weekend. This is how they create Ascension weekend.

Dauwpop 2019

Dauwpop Festival

Ascension Day is the day on which countless fun and original festivals are organized. The most famous in the Netherlands is probably Dauwpop. Dauwpop has been organized in Hellendoorn for years. This festival started in 1995 with 1,100 visitors. Today there are about 10,000 visitors. Dauwpop offers a wide musical program.

Cycling and hiking

The Dutch love cycling and walking. Because Ascension Day almost always falls in May, it is often a suitable day to enjoy the beautiful nature that the Netherlands has to offer. Whichever province you are in or wherever you go, there are beautiful cycling and walking routes to follow.

Visit a fun fair

Traditionally, fun fairs and annual markets are held in many places during Ascension Day.

Zoos and amusement parks

Dutch holidays in Giethoorn
Giethoorn during Ascension Day 2019

Every year Ascension Day attracts countless visitors to the zoos and theme parks in the Netherlands. On Ascension Day the weather is often not yet warm enough for a day at the beach, but warm enough to go outside.


Ascension Day is the busiest day of the year in Giethoorn. Often all boats from the boat rental companies in Giethoorn are rented out days in advance. Try to avoid this day. look here for the best time to visit Giethoorn.



Pentecost Netherlands 2021

May 23 and 24, most of the Dutch can then enjoy 2 days off. This makes Pentecost a long weekend. When the weather is nice, the Dutch all go to the beach, amusement park, festival, Giethoorn or campsite. Either we clean up the house, do chores or visit family.

Cycling and hiking

The Dutch love cycling and walking. Because pentecost weekend almost always falls in the end of May, begin of June, it is often a suitable weekend to enjoy the beautiful nature that the Netherlands has to offer. Whichever province you are in or wherever you go, there are beautiful cycling and walking routes to follow.

Zoos and amusement parks

Giethoorn Pentecost 2019

Every year Pentecost weekend attracts countless visitors to the zoos and theme parks in the Netherlands. On Pentecost weekend, the weather is often not yet warm enough for a day at the beach, but warm enough to go outside.


Pentecost weekend is traditional the busiest weekend of the year in Giethoorn. Especially in combination with nice weather. Then all boats, from the boat rental companies in Giethoorn are rented out days in advance. Try to avoid this weekend, if possible.. look here for the best time to visit Giethoorn.



Christmas Netherlands 2020

Dutch Cristmas tree

December 25 and 26, as soon as Sinterklaas has "disappeared" the Netherlands, they set up the Christmas tree. In fact, everything in the Dutch houses is devoted to Christmas then. More and more Dutch people also bring their gardens and houses from the outside into Christmas atmospheres. The Dutch celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Christmas market Netherlands

There are several Christmas markets in the Netherlands. For example, the famous Dickens Festival in Deventer, near Giethoorn. Did you know that the largest Christmas market can be found in Dordrecht? In an effort to fight the corona pandemic in Netherlands, all Christmas markets in 2020 are cancelled.

Christmas market Amsterdam

ice village

Every year there is a small Christmas market in front of the Rijksmuseum on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. Besides drinking gluhwein, you can also skate on an ice court. This is called ice village.

Dutch Christmas and family

The Dutch, celebrate Christmas for 2 days. In other words, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. During the evening before Christmas, there are, according to tradition, a well-attended church services in honor of Christmas Eve. Christmas in the Netherlands is usually celebrated with family and friends. Almost every Dutch household, has a decorated Christmas tree at Christmas.

Winter in Giethoorn village
Winter in Giethoorn

Giethoorn during Christmas

You can be completely alone in Giethoorn during this time. With a bit of luck you will also have a chance of a Dutch village in the snow. If it is freezing in Giethoorn, no boats will be rented out. This is done to grow the ice for the skaters and other winter fun.

Netherlands corona

Due to the corona pandemic in the Netherlands, it is the first time that there are conditions, how many people you invite to your home


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