Meet Giethoorn, a fairytale from the Netherlands. We are known as: the Dutch village without roads. Therefore, we as proud locals of the Dutch Venice, get around by boating, walking or cycling. Did you know that many tourists have explored our village before you? Also because of that, we want to show you what life is like in our village. With the aim, that you can visit us well prepared.

The best way to experience our village, is by boat. All about the boat rental options.

Explore our village by walking along all the cute bridges and canals via the 'Binnenpad'.

Cycling is another fun way to get around the village. Feel like a local and take a bike.

Hire a local to show you all the best spots in our village. Private tour guide service.

Plan your trip

We provide you with relevant info. So, you can make your own plan to visit Giethoorn.

How to get to Giethoorn

How to get to Giethoorn by train

Netherlands by train and busNS trainstation Zwolle

Travel to NS train station Zwolle. There you can take bus nr 70 from Zwolle to Giethoorn.

NS trainstation Steenwijk

Travel to NS train station Steenwijk. There you can take the bus nr 70 or bus nr 270 from Steenwijk to Giethoorn.

Giethoorn how to get there by car

Google, The location of one of our parkingsParking for your exact location. Remember that, parking inside this Dutch village is not possible. Most of the parkings in our village are free of charge.

Flights to Giethoorn Netherlands

Our village has no airport. So, the focus should be on Schiphol airport or Eindhoven airport. Travel from there by car, train or bus to Giethoorn.

Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Giethoorn tour

bootje huren GiethoornGiethoorn day tour from Amsterdam

This is a day tour by bus. Costs per person are around EU89. Pick-up at your hotel in Amsterdam around 10.00 A.M for a bus tour. Guided cruise in Giethoorn included. At 16.00 P.M the bus leaves back to Amsterdam. At 18.00 P.M you are back at your hotel in Amsterdam.

Private tour guide

This private tour is for groups up to 8 people. Costs per mini-bus around EU 350. Pick-up at your hotel in Amsterdam around 10.00 A.M for a private tour from Amsterdam to Giethoorn by mini-bus. Boat tour is not included. At 14.00 P.M the mini-bus leaves back to Amsterdam. At 15.30 P.M you are back at your Amsterdam hotel.

Private boat tour

A private guided tour in a sloop boat is for groups up to 12 persons. Costs per hour starts at EU100 for a small group. You will sail through the Venice of Netherlands in an old Dutch sloop boat. Your private captain will guide you through our village. During the boat tour your captain will tell you all special things about the venice of Netherlands. In combination with a private tour from Amsterdam to Giethoorn discounts are possible.

What to do in Giethoorn

Rent a  boat

To really discover our village, you need a boat to sail around andRent a boat in Giethoorn to feel like a local. You can rent a boat at 1 of our 25 different boat rental companies. The cheapest boats are the 'fluisterboot' type. These are suitable for 2 to 4 people and the costs start at EU15 per hour. For a little more comfort, there are open sloop boats for rent. It is also possible to rent a canoe or a sup board.

Canal cruise

The guided cruise boat tour takes about 1 hour and follows the tourist village route, through the narrow canals and under the bridges. Most Rondvaart Giethoornskippers who sail on these tour boats, speak several languages spoken by the skippers. The prices of these cruises vary from EU6 to EU12 per tour per person. This depends partly on the season.

Private boat tour

This is private guided boat tour in an open sloop boat for groups up to 12 persons. Costs per hour starts at EU100 for a small group. You will sail through the Venice of Netherlands in an old Dutch sloop boat. Your private captain will guide you through our village. During the boat tour your captain will tell you all special things about the Dutch Venice.

Where to rent a boat 

Boatrental Giethorn

Boatrental Giethoorn

Bootverhuur Arendshorst

Bootverhuur Broer

Dames van de jonge

De Grachthof

De Harmonie

De Kruumte

De pergola

De Rietstulp

Fam Heida


Fanfare Giethoorn

Hollands Venetie


M.S. van den Heuvel

Resort Venetie


Otterskooi (Dwarsgracht)

Smit Giethoorn

Smits Paviljoen



Zwaantje Giethoorn


Restaurants are well represented in our village. Most restaurants cater to the Dutch visitor. However, there are also restaurants that specifically cater to the foreign tourist. Conclusion, tastes too over.


Where to eat 

Burgers & grill

Brasserie de Pergola

d'Olde Smidse

Dames van de Jonge

De eetkamer van Giethoorn

De Grachthof

De Harmonie

De Kruumte

De Rietstulp

De Witte hoeve

Grand cafe Fanfare

Het wapen van Giethoorn

Het Zwaantje Giethoorn

Hollands Venetie

La Piccola Venezia


Restaurant 't Binnenhof

Ristoranta Fratelli

Smit Giethoorn

Smits Paviljoen

Resort Venetie

Snackbar Geythorn


Vishandel Gerrits  & de Boer

Top-12 nicknames of Giethoorn

Dutch canal village

Dutch Venice of the Netherlands

Dutch water village

Little Venice


Giethoorn Holland

Giethoorn Netherlands


Venice of Netherlands

Venice of the North

Village without cars

Village without roads


Giethoorn village in the Netherlands

Meet Giethoorn

BinnenpadWe would like to introduce our village to you as locals. This small Dutch town, is located in the Northeastern part of the Netherlands. It is 85 minutes drive by car from Amsterdam to Giethoorn. Amsterdam is our capital city of the Netherlands. Yearly 1 million people from all over the world are visiting this town of no roads. Therefore, Geithoorn is ranked in the top 10 of cities being visited in the Netherlands. This Dutch village is well known in the Netherlands but also far beyond. In conclusion, it is hard to name a country, where nobody from that country, has visited the Dutch Venice of the Netherlands. Giethoorn has many nicknames. For example: 'Venice of the North', 'Dutch village without roads' or 'Dutch Venice'.

Giethoorn or Giethoorn village?

The part of our village that most foreign tourists will see when they visit us is called: 'Giethoorn village'. This part of our village contains all little islands which are connected by 176 bridges to the mainland. In fact, on all these islands, there are houses (farmhouses) which are built in the 18th and 19th centuries. A walking/cycling path named: 'Binnenpad' runs right trough this area. Tourist shops and restaurants (which are well represented) are interspersed with typical Dutch houses with thatched roofs.

Village without roads

This Dutch village has no roads in the center. Therefore, we speak of a village without cars. Visitors and residents of Geithoorn have to park their car outside the Dutch village on special parkings. That's unique in the Netherlands. However, this car-free area is also referred to the commercial heart of Giethoom. For instance, places where you can  rent whisper boats, board a guided cruise, enter a restaurant or visit a museum are all in this village of Giethoorn area. This cycling/foot path ''reffered as'' (Binnenpad) is like walking on a film set. We live in a social media era. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to wait for your turn to get that perfect picture of that roof thatched house. Above all, your social friends must of course be impressed by your holiday photos. Therefore, is the village of Giethoom our most favorite  Netherlands village of all Dutch villages we know.

Venice of Netherlands

Dutch Fairytale

All these roof thatched houses are often surrounded by deep green well-kept lawns with beautiful flowering hydrangeas. So, in combination with the many waterways with rows of weeping willows along the canals and the 176 bridges you imagine yourself in a romantic fairy tale. However, this town without streets, is one of the top-10 tourist locations in Netherlands. In other words, you are never alone when you visit the Venice of Netherlands.

Dutch cities nearby

Bigger cities like: Zwolle, Steenwijk, Heerenveen and Meppel  are located near Giethoorn.

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