Best hostel
in Giethoorn

We show you the best hostel in Giethoorn village here.

The Black Sheep Hostel Giethoorn

In the car-free part of Giethoorn village we have found this cute Dutch hostel. This hostel is located at the village main canal and close to one of the 176 bridges Giethoorn has. Therefore, the discovery of Giethoorn starts immediately when you get out of the hostel. You will find the hostel in a 19th century former roofthatched farmhouse with authentic details and with a real private bridge.

We are still talking about how the hostel's garden of 4000 square meter with its lovely seating areas and super view which gave us a gigantic feeling of freedom. In other words, we think this is how heaven should be. This hostel is known as The Black Sheep Hostel.

The owners ( Chinese-Indonesian Jimmi and Dutch Gea ) live in the front part of this small hostel so they give the hostel a intimate and local vibe of a b&b (and yes, breakfast is included). Next to the hostel at Zuiderpad 19 in Giethoorn you can park your car for free. Find more information on parking in Giethoorn here. The hostel rates are more than competitive with the rest of the Netherlands.

Currently Netherlands is in the middle of the corona pandemic so that requires some adjustments. Because of the current corona pandemic in the Netherlands the vibe and service in this hostel are especially intimate. Because, dorms will no longer be shared with others. In other words, you’re quite likely to have the place (and that includes a kitchen) to yourself for reasonable Dutch hostel rates.

This hostel is open 10 months a year, exept December and January.

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