Things to do in Netherlands


Are you planning a trip to the Netherlands? Here you can find information about some Dutch cities. Included Extra update: the latest corona measures per Dutch city here.

Meet the Netherlands

The Dutch fight against water

The Netherlands is inextricably linked to its fights against the water. In fact, 26% of the Netherlands is below sea-level. In addition, 29% of the land is sensitive to river flooding. Fortunately, we have dikes and dunes in the Netherlands to protect us. The Dutch have learned to deal with all that water around them. It even brought prosperity to the Netherlands. For example, the Dutch waterway network was used for the transit channel of goods to and from the rest of Europe. As a result, the Dutch port of Rotterdam was created. In fact, one of the biggest ports in the world. The Dutch are also ahead of other countries in terms of land reclamation and the construction of dikes. As a result, Dutch companies all over the world are asked for land reclamation jobs and the construction of dikes.

Dutch high and lowest point

The highest point of the Netherlands is in the province of Limburg. This Vaalserberg in the town of Vaals is the highest point in the Netherlands with 322 meters above the average sea level. The Dutch lowest point  is at Nieuwerkerk on the IJssel with 6.78 m below the Average sea level. In fact, Nieuwerkerk on the Ijssel is located near Rotterdam.

Corona pandemic in the Netherlands

Almost 20 million foreign tourists visited the Netherlands in 2019. But, it is expected that only 6 million foreign tourists will come to the Netherlands in 2020. In conclusion, the corona pandemic clearly affects these figures.

Things to do in Netherlands

About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. Just, like many European capitals, Amsterdam, is a perfect destination for an city trip. Amsterdam is wel known for its coffee shops, canals and the Red Light District. But of course this is not all Amsterdam has to offer. Amsterdam is the ideal city for culture lovers, but young people can also go completely free. The city is both Dutch and extremely cosmopolitan at the same time, no less than 178 nationalities found their home there. Thanks to the 17th century canals and the many cultural possibilities, this city is a great thing to visit.

Rent a boat in Amsterdam

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9 things to do in Amsterdam



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