How to get to Giethoorn?

How to get to Giethoorn? Where to think about before you are getting to our village? How can you travel to the Dutch Venice? And, check out what we think is most important for a maximised Giethoorn experience.

How to get to Giethoorn?

These are the options:

Public transport

Our village has no train station. So, you focus should be on the Trainstations of Steenwijk or Zwolle. From there you have to take the bus to our village.


Getting to Giethoorn by car is probably the fastest way. Although,you may run into a traffic jam along the way to our village. Find a free parking here.

Private tour / taxi

Do you want to have a carefree day? Then, let yourself be transported in a luxury car. So, a private guide may be the best way of transport for you.

Bus tour

From several European cities it is possible to make a city trip to Giethoorn by bus. Most of the time, airconditioned transport. Check the local covid-measures before you go!


From several Dutch cities it is possible for cycling to Giethoorn with a bike. Nowadays we can travel longer distances with an (electric) bicycle.

Getting to Giethoorn?

Please take into account the following:

Giethoorn VS coronavirus

COVID-19 measures in Giethorn affect your visit, so it's good to be up-to-date. The first phase of the coronavirus outbreak in Netherlands is behind us. However, it seems that the second phase is started already. In fact, the corona infection numbers are increasing rapidly again in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has issued corona (Covid-19) measures for the whole country. How to get to Giethoorn and take account the corona measures? Here you can find out more about the corona measures in the Netherlands.

Simply book a boat

Most visitors to our village come to sail. As a result, sometimes there are no boats to have. At Giethoorn boat rental you can reserve a boat in our village. In addition, reserving a boat is cheaper than renting a boat on site.

Best time to visit

What is the best time to visit Giethoorn? Of course, that depends on your wishes. Fact is, that your visiting experience of our village depends very much on the correct timing of your visit. How to get to Giethoorn at the right time? Best time to visit Giethoorn here.


The weather in our village is different every day. Just like in all Dutch cities, Geithoorn has a maritime climate. Therefore, the weather in the Netherlands makes Geithoorn very suitable for a citytrip all year around. Although, the weather in Giethorn changes with the seasons. It is wise to check the weather forecast before you visit our village. Here you can find out more about the Giethoorn weather.

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