Giethoorn parking

Giethoorn parking places can be found here. Our village is worldwide known as the Dutch water village without roads and cars. In other words, cars can not enter the old part of this authenic Dutch water village. Therefore, it could be useful for visitors to find a closest parking place.

Giethoorn parking places can be found all over the village. There is one large parking which can place 610 cars(green area) and around 20 smaller parkings.
At the 20 smaller parkings, 50 up to 200 cars can be placed each. Parkings in Giethoorn are mostly free of charge.

All parkings in Giethoorn village are situated close at boatrentalcompanies. Therefore, it is parking your car and getting on the boat. There is also often an opportunity to eat and have a drink close to the Giethoorn parking facilities.

free parking

If you Google (Giethoorn) for example, Google will guide you to the big parking in Giethoorn (green area). In other words, crowds will gather there. During the high-season (April-Oktober) it is worth trying to park at one of the smaller parking lots (red area) or (yellow area) because that is the easiest way trying to avoid these crowds.

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