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High season in Giethoorn

What is the best time to visit Giethoorn when we talk about the seasons? The high season for visitors in Giethoorn is from April till Oktober with a with a peak during the Dutch school holidays (half July-end of August), Dutch public holidays, Dutch national holidays and the Sundays. If possible avoid these days to travel to Giethoorn village because of the crowds.
What is the best time to visit Giethoorn when we talk about the day part? Most tourists normally arrive around 11.00AM and leave our village around 17.00PM. To avoid the crowds you can also try to arrive around 08.00 AM or after 17.00PM and have the village for yourself. Giethoorn village has no closing-time. Keep in mind that if you visit Giethoorn that this Dutch village is inhabited by real people. These residents are social and tolerant people. Do not cause inconvenience so that you ruin it for the following visitors.
The weather conditions do not have much effect on the numbers of tourists in the high-season. Every season has it's own charm in Giethoorn. Geogeous flowers which are flowering and nice temperatures during the high season. At the end of the high season Authum creates beautiful colors, The winter in Giethoorn with possible frost or snow can create unique photo material. A fact is that the low season brings far fewer tourists to Giethoorn.

Autumn in Giethoorn

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