Best time to visit Giethoorn

What is the best time to visit Giethoorn? Of course, that depends on your wishes. Fact is, that your visiting experience of Giethoorn depends very much on the correct timing of your visit. Here you can find out what we think is the most important travel information for Giethoorn.

Best visiting time of Giethoorn during the year?

What is the best time to visit our village when we talk about the seasons?

Giethoorn holidays
Giethoorn during holidays

The high season for visitors in Giethoorn is from April untill Oktober. With an absolute peak during the Dutch school holidays (half July-end of August), Dutch public holidays, Dutch national holidays and the Sundays. If possible, avoid these days to travel to Giethoorn village. Because, of the sometimes massive crowds. Here are some tips to get the most out of your visit in this hustle and bustle:

Seasons of Giethoorn

The ever-greening of Giethoorn in Spring. After that, you can experience gorgeous flowers which are flowering in combination with nice temperatures during June, July and August. At the end of the high season when autumn starts, nature in Giethoorn creates beautiful colors. And, what to say about the winter in Giethoorn. Winters in Giethoorn with possible frost or snow can create unique photo material. Fact is, that every season has it's own charm.

Best visiting day of Giethoorn during the week 

The best time to visit Giethoorn when we talk about the days of the week.

During weekdays you will have the most chance to find a less crowded Giethoorn. In fact, are the Monday's usally the quietest day of the week. So, from Monday to Friday the crowds slowly increase each day. And, during the weekend, the village of Giethoorn usually receives the most visitors.

Best visiting time of Giethoorn during the day?

Which time is best to visit our village when we talk about the day part?

Early morning in Giethoorn
Early morning in Giethoorn

Most tourists normally arrive around 11.00AM and leave our village around 17.00PM. To avoid the crowds you can also try to arrive around 08.00 AM or after 17.00PM and have the village for yourself. Giethoorn village has no closing-time.

About the residents

Keep in mind that if you visit Giethoorn that this Dutch village is inhabited by real people.These residents are social and tolerant people. Do not cause inconvenience so that you ruin it for the following visitors. More about living in Giethoorn here.

When to avoid visiting Giethoorn?

The best time to visit our village when we talk about  crowds in Giethoorn?
The Dutch public holidays are the bussiest period in terms of tourist visits compared to the rest of the year. But, besides the Dutch public holidays, you should realy try to avoid visiting Giethoorn village on Pentecost and Ascension Day. Because, of the always huge crowds on these 2 days. In conclusion, these are historically the busiest 2 days from the year with tourists visiting Giethoorn.

How the weather effects your Giethoorn experience

What is the best time to visit our village when we talk about the weather in Giethoorn?

Winter in Giethoorn village
Winter in Giethoorn

Normally, the weather conditions do not have much effect on the numbers of tourists during the high-season. In contrast, to the influence of the weather on the visitor numbers during the low season in Giethoorn. In fact, the colder the calmer. So, it can be very rewarding to follow the weather forecast for Giethoorn. Especially, in the low season. In conclusion, every season has it's own charm in Giethoorn.

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