Supping in Giethoorn

Supping is standing sailing on a surfboard or surfboard, where you paddle, move with a paddle. Such a surfboard or surfboard is also called a sup board. Supping is a fairly new water sport and is also popularly called, stand up paddling (SUP). After the first time supping on a sup board in Giethoorn, we had a taste for it. Here you will find all our sup adventures in the Netherlands and tips for beginners and advanced.

Sup aventures in the Netherlands

Supping in Giethoorn

21 May 2018

Suppen in Giethoorn
Supping in Giethoorn

As the owner of a boat rental company in Giethoorn, I consciously choose Monday to paddle for a morning in the giethoorn area. Since Monday is, statistically speaking, the quietest day in Giethoorn. Of course I don't want to be over sailed over by a bunch of tourists who rent a boat in Giethoorn. Giethoorn boat rental.

Departure at hotel de harmonie in Giethoorn

At 06.55 I arrive at the parking lot of hotel de Harmonie in Giethoorn. Hotel de harmonie is located in Giethoorn-North. My sup friend Patrick is already ready. You can already hear the birds chirping when I get out, wonderful. Exactly 5 minutes later, my inflatable sup, inflated and all, is in the water. Carefully I get on my supboard and our cruise can begin.

Giethoorn North

Everyone seems to be sleeping in Giethoorn-Noord when we paddle under the first bridges, on our sup boards, towards Giethoorn south. A group of mally ducks looks up in horror as we paddle past. Via the Molengat we supping towards the large lake at Giethoorn, the Bovenwijde. On the way to the Bovenwijde we see on our left, the nature reserve de Wieden. We hear all kinds of birds mixed together, defending their territory.


Suppen Giethoorn
Windless on the Bovenwijde

Around 07.35 we supped up the Bovenwijde. Fortunately, it is windless today. From wind force 4 it becomes, supping for advanced on the Upper Consecration. So first look at the weather forecast, before you come to Giethoorn to supping. Look here for the weather forecast of Giethoorn Netherlands.

200 swans

A surprise awaits us: There are as many as 200 swans with young swimming on the upper wide. All looking for a snack that they get from the bottom of the lake. With their long necks, they effortlessly search for food at the deepest point of the Upper Consecration. The deepest point is therefore only 75cm deep. We stop paddling for a moment. Sitting on my inflatable sup board and with my feet in the water, I have my breakfast. The swans are of course used to hordes of tourists, who all come to sail a boat in Giethoorn. They are very curious and just don't get on my sup shelf yet. A spectacle to see, but we remain alert.

Crossing the Bovenwijde

The crossing from one side of the Upper Consecration to the other takes only 35 minutes. With a sup board and armed with a paddle, there seems to be no end to it. You have to check if you have wind against you. Quite bizarre to not encounter any other boats at all. During the day I sail around here with customers and it is teeming with boats. Around 08.30 we arrive at exit 5. This brings us towards the village canal of Giethoorn.

Giethoorn South

Arriving at the village canal, we turn left into the village canal. Via a piece of village canal we get further and further south to finally arrive in Giethoorn south. We sail on until we can no longer continue. At the end of the ditch is boat rental south end. Named after a street in Giethoorn south. The first guests are already on shore to make a cruise through Giethoorn in a Canal Boat.

At halfway

It is now 09.05. We have to move forward. The first people who want to rent a boat in Giethoorn are now arriving. Especially to end up on the way back, not between all colliding boats with your sup board, in the center of Giethoorn. We now go back via the village canal.

The village canal of Giethoorn

The village canal of Giethoorn is 4.5 km long and on some parts, not very wide. especially under the bridges it is narrow. In the knowledge that around 11.00 most rental boats have sailed out, we are now really in a hurry. Since most tourists who rent a boat in Giethoorn, are not such great skippers.

The fairy tale Giethoorn

Standing on such a sup board you see Giethoorn from a completely different angle than when you are in a boat. Giethoorn looks very colorful this time of year. The numerous flowering hydrangeas stand out nicely against the neatly maintained deep green lawns. The thatched houses, narrow village moat and bridges complete the fairy tale called Giethoorn.

Suppen in Giethoorn
beware, bend down

176 wooden bridges in Giethoorn

In Giethoorn there are 176 bridges. With my 1.95 it is careful at every bridge that we pass. Crouching on my sup board, I pass the bridges. Patrick is 1.70 tall and can stand the whole trip.

Movie stars

It is now 09.45 and we can notice that we are heading towards the center. On the walking path along the village canal we see more and more tourists. This hiking trail is called the Binnenpad. Sometimes it seems as if a bus has emptied. From this hiking trail, which is actually a bike path, we are increasingly called after and photographed by these tourists. We feel like movie stars.

Centre Giethoorn

We arrive in the center of Giethoorn. It is now 10.00 and the crowds on the water are not too bad for us. We've gotten hungry now. With sup board and paddle under the arm walk onto the terrace of restaurant de Grachthof. An inflatable sup is handy. We go for a coffee with apple pie. This restaurant is located directly on the village canal. From the terrace you have a nice view of the village canal. At 11.00 we are 2 coffee and apple pies further and we pay

Busy in Giethoorn

The village canal has now changed into a coming and going of boats. What do we do now? It is too dangerous to have to paddle in between with all those boats. We decide to walk a bit on the Binnenpad towards the North. The Binnenpad runs 2 km long, parallel to the village canal. During the walk we keep a view of the village canal. At the old mill of Giethoorn, most tourists turn to the Bovenwijde. Here we decide to climb on our sup boards again. It is now 11.35.

Back to hotel de Harmonie

After another piece of village canal and 3 bridges where even Patrick, lying on his sup board, has to go under. We notice that with every meter of further supping, there are also fewer tourists to see. Via a piece of nature reserve de Wieden we arrive back at the Molengat. We cross this lake and then paddle back into Giethoorn-Noord. After a few more bridges we arrive back at Giethoorn hotel de Harmonie at 12.25. It's over


It was another great adventure. Despite the fact that we had to walk a bit. We could have left a little earlier to avoid the crowds. It is of course true that this hustle and bustle also has its charm. Here is a link to the best time to visit Giethoorn. Worth repeating.

Corona measures

First look at the corona measures that apply to our village. Avoid disappointment.

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