To Giethoorn
by public transport

The Netherlands is a small and locally populated country. Fortunately, the Dutch have a well-functioning public transport system. As a result, you can also travel easily and comfortably to Giethoorn by public transport. In fact, you can get anywhere in the Netherlands by public transport. Whether you are by train, bus, tram, metro or ferry. Read more about the most important facts and tips for travelling by public transport to Giethoorn.

Giethoorn can also be reached by Dutch public transport. The only downside is that there is no train station in Giethoorn. This means that you will have to take the bus from Zwolle station or Steenwijk station to Giethoorn. Use 9292 nl planner to find the shortest route to Giethoorn village.

Buying a trainticket to Giethoorn

Your journey will starts by buying a trainticket to Steenwijk or Zwolle station. This is because, there is no trainstation in Giethoorn village. As from 06.00 AM trains in Netherlands are departing from the bigger cities to the Giethoorn area.  Therefore, your focus should be on the Dutch train stations of Zwolle or Steenwijk. From there, you can take the bus to Giethoorn.

Zwolle to Giethoorn 

Zwolle to Giethoorn by bus

So, you need to take a train to Zwolle station and then change at Zwolle to the bus № 70 to Giethoorn. There are more busstops in Giethoorn. So, it is not mandatory to get off at the bus stop in the village center, which is busy, especially in high season.Please note that bus № 70 from station Zwolle only departs 1-2 times an hour. We advise you to check timetable of the bus № 70 at  9292 nl  on the day of your journey to avoid extra waiting time.

Valid train ticket to Giethoorn

To travel on the bus you need a valid ticket; a disposable chip card or anonymous public transport chip card. You can also buy a disposable chip card on the bus, but you will often be more expensive. The center of Zwolle is on walking distance from the NS station Zwolle.

Free parking in Zwolle

Outside office hours (from 18:00 to 07:00) and on weekends you can park for free on the parking lot of the Province of Overijssel. This parking lot is within walking distance of the center.

Steenwijk to Giethoorn 

Steenwijk to Giethoorn by bus

Alternatively you can travel by train to Steenwijk station and there take bus № 70 or  bus № 270 to reach Giethoorn. Train tickets are available here. The bus ride from steenwijk to Giethoorn takes 15 minutes. In winter, buses sometimes run with a modified control system. Because you are close, you can also consider visiting Steenwijk. This is a city with a historic center. This centre is within walking distance of NS station Steenwijk.

Boat rental in Giethoorn

Boat rental Giethoorn
Boat rental Giethoorn

At many bus stops in Giethoorn you will find a boat rental company nearby. So you do not necessarily have to go all the way to the center to go sailing in a boat. Here is some information about renting a boat in Giethoorn. Giethoorn boat rental

Corona measures in the Dutch public transport

Please note that from June 1st, 2020, the Covid-19 measures from the Dutch government make it mandatory in the Netherlands to wear a non-medical mouth mask on public transport. So, you can be fined for not wearing a non-medical mouth mask on Dutch public transport. In fact, the fine you risk is €95. It is always wise to check the latest corona measures before you travel to Giethoorn.


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