Cycling in Giethoorn

Need more information about cycling in Giethoorn Village. The Dutch village in the Netherlands with many cycle paths. Great! Because, Giethoorn Village is the perfect place to explore by bike. The surroundings of Giethoorn has many cycle paths. In and around Giethoorn, there are many signposted cycle routes. Mostly, in a flat landscape. Distances are short and there is a lot to see and do along the way.

Exploring Giethoorn by bike

Explore Giethoorn by bike

Come and visit Giethoorn and its surroundings and get on a bike! Different cycling routes starts in the village of Giethoorn, with its charming arch bridges and thatched farmhouses. You can drive through National Park Wieden-Weerribben, one of the most special wetlands in Europe.

Renting a bike

No bike? but, you want to explore Giethoorn and it's surroundings by bike? Then rent a bike in Giethoorn village. There are bikerental companies that rent bikes and electric bikes. We advise you to reserve your bike in advance to avoid disappointments. Here you can find a recommended bike rental company named cycle classic tours. You can book your bike 3 days in advance with Cycle Classic Tours.

Cycling in Giethoorn villageCycle route in Giethoorn

This cycle route takes you across the bridges of the 'Dutch Venice' or Giethoorn.

The cycle route starts in Giethoorn, the village where you can still sail with the traditional Punter through the many waterways and under the characteristic bridges.

Put your bike against one of those picturesque white bridges. And, simply enjoy a scene you won't find anywhere else in the world.  Authentic thatched roof houses on either side of narrow canals. As if you've ended up in a painting. More about living in Giethoorn here.

The bridges of Giethoorn were created by the dyeing. The peat diggers created several puddles and lakes. Locks and waterways were dug to transport the peat that was won. This created small islands where houses were later built. To reach these houses, the bridges were built.

Furthermore, this route takes you through the Weerribben-Wieden National Park and along the Beulakermeadow, Vollenhovermeer and Giethoornschemeer to finally get back to the starting point.

Here you can find more cycling routes and possibilities:

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