Giethoorn by car

When you travel to Giethoorn by car you will see the land of clogs, tulips and windmills. In addition to these typical Dutch things, the Netherlands is also characterised by the large and well-structured road network. For example, almost every place in the Netherlands can be reached by means of an asphalted road. Even the smallest villages are connected to the road network of the Netherlands.

Travel to Giethoorn by car

Giethoorn is located in the Northeastern part of the Netherlands, in the middle of Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Despite that, our village is very easily accessible by car. Once you are in the Netherlands, our village is a maximum of 120 minutes away, from most Dutch places. As mentioned earlier, this trip through the Netherlands will largely consist of highway kilometers (max speed 100km). The last about 15 minutes of your trip to our village will be on N-roads (max speed 80km) and B-roads (max speed 50 km)

Cities and distances to Giethoorn

Cities on the way to Giethoorn

You will pass several interesting cities and villages when traveling to Giethoorn by Car. On this map you will find some cities worth visiting:

Distances to Giethoorn

For example the distance between Rotterdam and Giethoorn is 176 km. The expected travel time is around 1 hour and 43 minutes. Distances by the following Dutch cities to Giethoorn are:

Scheveningen    (177km)

Gronau                   (123km)

Emmerich             (138km)

Aachen                   (291km)

Oldenburg           (220km)

Venlo                       (203km)

Groningen           (090km)

Texel                         (143km)

Zandvoort             (148km)

As a car driver in the Netherlands, you are responsible for your own safety and that of others. To be allowed to drive a vehicle, you must therefore be “fit to drive” according to the law. That is, mentally and physically able to drive.

Amsterdam to Giethoorn by car

Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Amsterdam to GIethoorn routeFrom Amsterdam to Giethoorn is 120 km. The expected travel time is around 1 hour and 25 minutes. The shortest road takes you past the cities of Almere and Lelystad. At Emmeloord, you can take the exit towards Steenwijk.

Looking for all ways of transport from Amsterdam to Giethoorn?

Ways of transport

  • Taxi
  • Uber
  • Your car
  • Rent a car
  • Private tour guide

Traffic rules and practical information

Parking your car next to the boat

Some parkings in Giethoorn are close to a Giethoorn boat rental. From the parking in the center it is 5 minutes walking to the boats.

Driving license in the Netherlands

Driving without carrying a driver's license is a traffic offense and will be penalized as such in Netherlands.

Traveling with minor children in the Netherlands

Minor children need their own travel documents. An entry in the passport of a parent is no longer valid since 2012.

Maximum speed in Netherlands

The maximum permitted speed on the Dutch highways is 100 km per hour between 06.00 AM and 07.00 PM. After 07.00 PM and until 06.00 AM 120 km per hour is allowed. The fact is, that speeding is checked in the Netherlands.

Need road assistance for your car?

The ANWB road guards are technically well trained and equipped with a real ''mobile garage''.So, that they can fix all types of car breakdown.In fact, regardless of brand, type and age. You call the ANWB  number (088-26928880) 24/7 when you need roadside assistance. You can read all about the ANWB here.

What is mandatory in the car in the Netherlands

As a motorist in the Netherlands you are not obliged to have certains safety items in your car. But, it is better to bring a first aid kit. Also recommended are, a warning triangle and a safety vest on board you car.

Refuel in the Netherlands

We recommend refueling at an unmanned petrol station. Fact is, that these are often more cheaper. Because, no staff has to be paid. You can only pay there by pin. These pricefighters are located all over the country. The cheapest stations can be recognized by the green color. One tip: refueling on the highway is often more expensive than on local roads.

Corona rules in the car

Whether or not you wear a non-medical facemask in the car depends on the situation:

Read all about the COVID-19 measures in the Netherlands here.

Parking in Giethoorn

There are 3 parking lots in the center of Giethoorn for in total 610 cars (green area) When you approach Giethoorn from it's South-side then there are 7 parking lots for in total 710 cars (red area). When you approach Giethoorn from it's North-side then there are 2 parking lots for in total 300 cars (yellow area). Most of these Parking lots are free of charge.

Your Giethoorn trip starts when you park your car. Walking time to the car-free village is a maximum of 4 minutes from all parkings spaces.

If you park outside a parking lot in Giethoorn you risk a €90 fine.

Parking at hotels in Giethoorn

For the guests of the hotels in Giethoorn there is almost always a free parking space. The following hotels in Giethoorn have private parking for their customers and are therefore free of charge:

  • Hotel de Harmonie
  • Hotel de Kruumte
  • Hotel Giethoorn
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