Walking in Giethoorn

A walk is the best way to really take in the surroundings. So, you will enjoy it when you walk through Giethoorn village and surroundings. Keep in mind that you will regularly stop to take a good look at all that beauty.

Venice of the North
With its many bridges, waterways and built-up islands, Giethoorn village is a true experience. You will see many characteristic national monuments. Part of the traffic takes place over the water via so-called punts, which - like the gondolas in Venice - are propelled with a punt boom. At Beulakerweg 80 you pass the oldest building in Giethoorn: the Reformed Church dates from 1645.

Silent lakes
The landscape around Giethoorn village also has a lot to offer you. You walk past swaying reed collars and flowery meadows. You also have beautiful views of lakes such as the Molengat, the Bovenreed and the Beulakeruurde. The lakes were created during flood disasters in 1775 and 1825. The Giethoorn Molengat, a beautiful tjasker from 1979 that is almost entirely made of wood.

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