Walking in Giethoorn

A walk is the best way to really take in the surroundings. So, you will enjoy it when you walk through Giethoorn village and surroundings. Keep in mind that you will regularly stop to take a good look at all that beauty. We have walked a walking route and put our experiences here.

Walking route in the Giethoorn area

Giethoorn is known to sail through. At Giethoorn boat rental you can rent a boat. But did you also know that you can walk through Giethoorn? As a walking route we have selected the Green Exchange Giethoorn: Venice in De Wieden. This walking route allows us to discover the beautiful romantic and watery Giethoorn in a non-touristic way. We will also walk through the quieter northern and southern part. There, where we can taste more the authentic atmosphere in the absence of all the tourist bells and whistles. After the start in Giethoorn we will come through Beulakerwijde and via the village of Dwarsgracht again in Giethoorn.

Start hiking trail

Typical Giethoorn house

Because we have picked out a Green Switch walk, our walk starts and ends at a bus stop. In this case, not the same bus stops. There's about a mile between them. That brings the total of this trail to 20 km. We are not by bus but with our camper. We park it nearby at the Hotel Harmonie stop in Giethoorn. The hotel also has a restaurant and terrace. Look for camper places in Giethoorn on Giethoorn camping.

Walking in Giethoorn-North

The directions are super easy to follow. We soon walked along canals, bridges and beautiful houses and cute farms. Everything looks so well taken care of. Beautiful gardens and houses that are tip-top styled. You wonder: what would living in Giethoorn be like? Here in Giethoorn-noord you wonder where all these tourists are. Really no one to see. As we continued we arrived at a boat rental company. There was nothing to do there either. All the boats were on the side or stuck on shore. Walking in Giethoorn North is so quiet. There is this great Giethoorn hotel in this quiet area of our village.

The tourist center piece

Only when you get to Giethoorn in the middle will you see the first tourists. I'm sure a few buses have been drained. But, they spread nicely along the paths. Also, there are always some boats around. But there is no question of traffic jams. Are we just out for the hustle and bustle? On this Friday, in early May, it is all still very good to do. Find the best times to visit Giethoorn here.

To Giethoorn-South

You will be surprised that the tourist centre piece is actually not that long at all. Further south, there is soon no tourist to be seen, while it is still just as beautiful.


The Southernmost part of Giethoorn is called the Zuideinde. Arriving there, the bike/footpath lead to the Beulakerwijde. It walks leisurely along the Beulakerwijde. Contrary to what the name suggests, this is a big lake. To our right is a new nature reserve. There's a watchtower there that we obviously have to put on.


This stretch of the walk is wide and full of nature. We go past De Wieden and through a small dike we come to Dwarsgracht. We look out our eyes: this is Giethoorn in miniature. Equally charming and equally photogenic, but hidden away from all tourists. Maybe a single cyclist still knows how to find it, but there's no more crowds here. Enjoy!


The last part of the route is perhaps a little less interesting. We walk on long, long country roads and end up again at the same N-road of which we have also walked a lot before. Now we cross it and end up in the part of Giethoorn where the houses are not on the canals. There is also the bus stop where our directions end. We can now walk in a straight line to our camper but we choose to go back to the canals via the Kerkstraat and walk the piece through Giethoorn Noordeinde the other way around. A good choice. It's beautiful again!

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