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Our village Giethoorn is known for it's waterways. To discover these waterways you will need a boat to transport yourself as a local. Read all about the different kinds of Giethoorn boat rental companies and the option to hire a private boat tour guide. So, to rent a boat in Giethoorn becomes easy for you.

The following boats can be rented:

2-4 p whisperboat

Online best price:

  • €    39,50 - 1,5 hour  sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €    50,00 - 1,5 hour  sailing

2-4 persons boat

Online best price:

  • €    59,99 - 2 hours  sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €    75,00 - 2 hours  sailing

2-5 persons boat

Online best price:

  • €    69,95 - 2 hours  sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €    85,00 - 3 hours  sailing

Luxury boat 2-6 persons

Online best price:

  • €     72,95 - 1.5 hours  sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €     85,00 - 1.5 hours  sailing

2-6 p whisperboat

Online best price:

  • €  49,50 -  1.5 hours sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €  60,00 -  1.5 hours sailing

Boat 2-8 persons

Online best price:

  • €   49,95 - 1 hour  sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €    60,00 - 1 hour sailing

Boat 10 persons

Online best price:

  • €   129,95 - 3 hours  sailing
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €   150,00 - 3 hours  sailing

6p private boat tour

Online best price:

  • €  125,00 -  1-hour guided cruise
Price on site: Kerkweg 35
  • €  150,00 - 1-hour guided cruise

Giethoorn boat rental

Reservations not necessary if:

If you want to come and sail in Giethoorn, you can always take the risk to rent a boat on the spot. Especially if you come outside the often busier weekends, Dutch children's holidays and the high season. It is often still relatively quiet in Giethoorn village during low season. This is not a guarantee. Reserving a boat is then normally, also not necessary. Nevertheless, it is possible that with good weather, even during these so-called quieter periods, it can become quite busy. We therefore advise everyone to reserve a boat in advance.

Reservations necessary if:

If you go to Giethoorn during the busy period and you want to sail there, then reserving a boat is often necessary. Regularly all available boats in Giethoorn, in combination with a sunny weather forecast, are already reserved days in advance. It would be a great pity, if you have come all the way to Giethoorn and you can not sail, because all boats are already rented out. Reservations are also recommended if you want to come sailing in the winter, as most boats (90%) have been taken out of the water for maintenance during this period. Save yourself the search for a boat. All the more so, because Giethoorn is best discovered from the water. Reserving a boat in Giethoorn is definitely recommended in the following periods:

  • Easter weekend
  • Pentecost weekend
  • May holidays
  • Ascension Day
  • Weekends from May to September (from friday till Sunday)
  • Summer holidays (and especially the Dutch construction holiday)
  • Winter

The only way to be 100% sure that there is a rental boat ready for you is to make a reservation.

Giethoorn boat rental in practice?

Different types of boats

If you want to rent a boat in Giethoorn, you can choose from different types of boats. The choice of the right boat starts with the composition of the group and the number of people you are with in Giethoorn. For example, you can choose to rent several boats, if you are with a large group. Did you know that from 15 people or more, you can be cheaper, by booking a tour boat. All rental boats in Giethoorn are equipped with a silent electric motor. That is why these boats are also called a whisper boat. Here is a selection of the different types of boats that can be rented in Giethoorn:

  • Sloop
  • Rowboat
  • Sailing pointer
  • Tour boat
  • Wooden punter (punting with a point)
  • Steel punter (Cheapest type of whisper boat)

For how long can I rent a boat?

At least 3 hours of sailing to make a reasonable round

Scan or click on the QR-code for the sailing route-app

A boat in Giethoorn can be rented from an hour to a whole day. Most boat rental companies have a minimum purchase of 2 or 3 hours of sailing. You need this time practically, minimally, to be able to make a reasonable round. Then there should be nothing against it on the way. Keep in mind that a reasonable round during busy days can take longer. In most cases, the boat rental company will then charge you extra costs. A round takes you through the village canal of Giethoorn and then goes via the lake the Bovenwijde back to your starting point. The Bovenwijde is a lake that lies parallel to the village canal of Giethoorn.

Sailing route app with 1.5 hour route from 2023

From 2023 it is also possible to reserve a boat for 1.5 hours. A sailing route of 1.5 hours has been set out especially for people who are in doubt between sailing for 1 or 2 hours. With the 1.5 hour route you also simply sail through the village canal of Giethoorn. During this route you will not miss anything of our beautiful village. There's just no time to stop along the way!

Rent a boat all day

You can also choose to rent a boat for a whole day. As a result, there is less time pressure and you can escape the crowds in Giethoorn a bit. An additional advantage is the more favorable price for the rental of a boat for the whole day.

Sailing map Giethoorn os sailing route app

You will always receive a sailing card from Giethoorn when renting a boat from us. Various sailing routes are described on this sailing map. The following sailing routes are on the boat map:

  • 1 hour of sailing (yellow A)
  • 2 hours of sailing (yellow B)
  • Half day sailing (red or green)
  • Full day sailing (Yellow/red/green)

For example, a sailing route for the whole day takes you to the Weerribben -Wieden. During a full day of sailing, don't forget to sail through Dwarsgracht and Belt-schutsloot.

Crowds in the village canal of Giethoorn

Keep in mind that, the sometimes crowded village moat, can affect the duration of your round.

One-way traffic in the village canal

Because our village canal is sometimes so busy, one-way traffic is set up for most of the village canal. This rule applies from pole 1 to pole 5.

Do you need sailing experience?

Is boating difficult?

We may have all seen the images ofGiethoorn Netherlands with its (over) full canals. It is therefore logical that a frequently asked question is: do you have to be able to sail well to be able to sail in Giethoorn? We think that you do not have to be an experienced skipper to be able to drive a whisper boat or sloop in Giethoorn. Our experience is that one learns fairly quickly how best to drive the boat. Especially if you start sailing and steering, you set the engine to the slowest position for the first 10 minutes. At minimal power, the boats are well steerable and stable. A little steering skills is never wrong of course!

Rent a boat without a license

Renting a boat starts with a short explanation by the landlord. This explanation is about the boat, the engine, the operation of the steering wheel and the sailing route to be followed. For all boats that can be rented in Giethoorn, no license is required to be allowed to sail with it. However, a minimum age has been agreed per boat to be allowed to drive a whisper boat or a sloop.

Life jackets often present at the boat rental companies

In the village canal and on the Bovenwiede it is at most 70 cm deep. Nevertheless, it is regularly asked whether there are life jackets on location. TIP: Ask your boat rental company for a life jacket. Most boat rental companies also have life jackets for children to borrow.

Dutch language use along the way

Ga aan de kant

Rustig aan

Pas op!


Wij hebben voorrang

Laat je gas los

Go to the side

Take it easy

Look out!

One-way traffic

We have priority

Stop giving full throttle

Can i also rent a boat in winter?

When temperatures drop

Boats are taken out of the water in Giethoorn
End of season/boats out

You can certainly rent a boat in Giethoorn in winter. If there is ice on the ditches, no boats will be rented. The low season runs roughly from the end of October to the end of March.

Most boats are taken out of the water

Most boat rental companies take their boats out of the water in Oktober. The boats are maintained during these periods.

Book a boat in winter?

You will sometimes be amazed at how many people visit our village in winter. As long as there is no ice, boats are also rented out during this period. The majority of boat rental companies take their boats out of the water in the winter. Because of this, it is sometimes looking for a boat that can be rented in the winter. So you would do well to reserve a boat in advance in the winter.

Boat tour with private guide

If you're looking for a full experience of Giethoorn Village, guided by a local, you can hire a private guide who shows you all the highlights and hidden treasures of Giethoorn.

Giethorn guide

This is a private tour guide company with many years of experience in guiding tourists in the Netherlands. Private guide in GiethoornThe private guides of this company are specialized in guiding foreign tourists. The guiding of  tourists through (among others) Giethoorn village is possible by boat ,bike or foot. They even guide people in their old Dutch sloop.

Parking and location

You can park your car next to the boat rental at Kerkweg 35 at Giethoorn and is free of charge. The private tours will start from there.

Giethoorn boat rental companies

Where can I rent a boat?

Boatrental company

Harmonie Giethoorn


What do they rent?

Sloop/ 8-persons boat

45 Boats/sloop and whisperboat

Fluisterbootje/sloop/canal cruise

Private boat tour/Old Dutch sloop

Boat pick-up point

Kerkweg 35

Binnenpad 103

Beulakerweg 55

Kerkweg 35

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