Giethoorn arts and culture

Art and culture lovers are at the right address in Giethoorn village. In the car-free  area you will find various art galleries and museums. We introduce them to you.

Art Pottery Giethoorn Floramics

Art Pottery Giethoorn Floramics (gallery)

Art pottery Giethoorn Floramics is located in the middle of the car-free part of Giethoorn village. Direct on the famous and beautiful village canal. The workshop and shop in one are situated in a former stable of a more than 100 year old typical farm with thatched roof. Visiting this gallery is a unique opportunity to take a look inside. From the walking path you have to cross the canal via a bridge that has been renamed into Floramics bridge. You need to take a selfie on the "floramics" bridge and walk along the farm by following the signs. Inge van Doornik is an up-and-coming artist who makes unique and beautifully hand-twisted or sculpted ceramic objects. Her artwork is characterized by flowers, both sculpted and painted, with beautiful shiny and colorful glazes.
The pottery is opened from 10.00 till 18.00 during the high season. (March-Oktober)
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