Giethoorn from Amsterdam
by public transport

Giethoorn from Amsterdam is a 121 kilometers trip by public transport. The Netherlands is a small and densely populated country and has well-functioning public transport. Wherever you want to go in the Netherlands, you can travel easily and comfortably to your desired destination by train, bus, tram and metro. Read more about the most important information, tips for traveling with public transport and the best tickets to use here.


A journey from Amsterdam to Giethoorn village by public transport will take 2 – 2,5 hours (one way).

Use planner to find the shortest route from your hotel in Amsterdam to Giethoorn village.

The travel by train takes between 2/2.5 hours for a one-way ticket and costs about EU25 per person. It is sometimes possible to buy a one-way ticket for approximately EU15 per person in the lowseason.

                                                                                                                Giethoorn from Amsterdam.

Your journey will start at your hotel. First you need to find out where Amsterdam central station is. As from A.M 06.00 trains from Amsterdam central station are departing to the Giethoorn area. However, there is no train station in Giethoorn village. Therefore, your focus should be on the Dutch train stations of Zwolle or Steenwijk.


If you are traveling from Amsterdam Central station, you need to take a train to Zwolle station and then change at Zwolle to the bus № 70. Your final destination is Busstop Dominee Hylkemaweg in Giethoorn if you want to reach the sometimes crowded village center. Here you find some tips to avoid that. There are more busstops in Giethoorn. So, it is not mandatory to get off at the bus stop in the village center, which is busy, especially in high season.Please note that bus № 70 from station Zwolle only departs 1-2 times an hour. We advise you to check timetable of the bus № 70 at  on the day of your journey to avoid extra waiting time. In conclusion the travel time will be 2,5 hour.


Alternatively you can travel by train to Steenwijk station and there take bus № 70 or  bus № 270 to reach the Dominee Hylkemaweg in Giethoorn. Train tickets are available here .  17 and 18 Oktober 2020, there are no trains in between Zwolle and Steenwijk. Buses are used to take you directly to Giethoorn.

Corona and Public transport in Netherlands.

Please note that from 1 June 2020, the Covid-19 measures from the Dutch government make it mandatory in the Netherlands to wear a non-medical mouth mask on public transport. So, you can be fined for not wearing a non-medical mouth mask on Dutch public transport. In fact, the fine you risk is EU95. It is always wise to check the latest corona measures before you travel to Giethoorn.


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