Giethoorn corona measures

The corona measures in Giethoorn can have an effect on your visit. So, it's good to be up to date. The second and third wave of the coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands are behind us. We are now talking about a fourth wave and vaccinations. The fact is that, the daily number of new corona infections is on the rise again in the Netherlands. After recent relaxations, the Dutch government has announced new corona (Covid-19) measures for the entire country. Here are the current measures in force for the Netherlands and locally for Giethoorn.

Last update: July 10, 2021

Giethoorn corona measures

What is still allowed in Giethoorn
  • Giethoorn village is still open for everybody, 7 days a week
  • Cycling in the car-free part of Giethoorn village is only prohibited between 11 a.m . and 5 p.m. unless the bike is held by hand
  • Renting a boat in Giethoorn village in Netherlands is allowed
  • Walking is allowed (walk on the right as much as possible)
Keep a distance of 1,5 meter
  • Keeping a distance of 1.5 meter remains valid if you do not belong to the same household
  • Fine for not complying with the 1.5 meter distance is €95
  • Walking is allowed in Giethoorn, but pay attention to the 1.5 meter distance when passing to others outside your household
  • People from multiple households are not allowed to rent a boat in Giethoorn if the 1.5 meter distance can be guaranteed

No needed when you visit Giethoorn:

  • Negative corona test
  • Corona vaccination proof/passport

Hospitality and corona in Giethoorn

  • For example, catering establishments are open from 06.00 till 24.00
  • Food and drink outlets are open 06.00 till 24.00
  • Restaurants in Giethoorn are open 06.00 till 24.00
  • Terraces are open between 06.00 and 24.00
Still open
  • Hotels in Giethoorn are open

Wearing a facemask

Anyone aged 13 and over is required to wear a non-medical mask in all publicly accessible buildings and covered areas such as:

  • Railway stations
  • Ariports
  • Bus tours
  • Public transport

If you travel in the Netherlands by public transport, you should keep in mind that wearing a non-medical mask is mandatory.

Shops in Netherlands


Alcohol ban after 22:00

Still open
  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Vegetable shops
  • Gas stations

Corona rules in the car

Are you with people in the car from another household?

Then there may be a maximum of 2 people in the car. This maximum does not apply if you are in the car with family members from your own household.

Whether or not you wear a non-medical mouthcap in the car depends on the situation:

  • Do have a mouthpiece: you are sitting with people in the car from another household.
  • No mask: you are in the car with people from the same household.

Children up to the age of 12 do not have to wear a mask.

Empty waterways in Giethoorn
Empty waterways in Giethoorn
Getting to Giethoorn from Amsterdam header

Basic guidelines to limit the corona outbreak in the Netherlands

  • Avoid busy places
  • Fines for not complying with the 1.5 meter distance is €95
  • Stay at home if you have cold-like symptoms
  • Stay at home if a member of your household has a fever and/or shortness of breath.
  • Wash your hands as often as possible
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues and dispose of them immediately after use
  • If you are over the age of 70 or have health issues, take extra care
  • Take your responsibility in the Dutch fight against the coronavirus
  • Covid-19 is not a joke
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