Giethoorn boat rental

Giethoorn boat rental Grachthof is a boat rental and restaurant in one. De Grachthof is a close-knit family business run by the Smit family from Giethoorn. From the private parking lot at the back of the Grachthof, you can get into a boat or tour boat. From the free parking spaces it is a maximum of 5 minutes walk to the boats.

Rent a boat at de Grachthof Giethoorn

Sailing in Giethoorn

Whisper boat Weerribben

De Grachthof Giethoorn
Boat rental de Grachthof

De Grachthof has a large number of whisper boats for rent. These are open punts that are electrically driven.
Without the stench and noise of an explosion engine, this environmentally friendly whisper boat is the ideal means of transport. These whisper boats are suitable for 2 to 5 people.

Rent an electric sloop

These electrically powered sloops offer a little more comfort and luxury. Each sloop is equipped with an artificial leather cushion set and a teak deck. The steering wheel makes this sloop easy to steer. Also, they are equipped with a stronger electric motor.

Punting in Giethoorn

It is possible to rent an authentic Gieterse punter at the Grachthof. Let the punting in Giethoorn begin.

Kayaking in Giethoorn

Enjoy kayaking in Weerribben-Wieden National Park. With your kayak, discover the shortcuts of Giethoorn. Here you can rent kayaks for 1 or 2 people.

Canoe rental Weerribben

With a Canadian canoe from the Grachthof you are ready to discover nature reserve de Wieden.

Practical tips

Sailing route Giethoorn

The staff of the Grachthof is ready to explain in advance about the operation of the engine and the different sailing routes. You will receive a sailing chart with a suggested sailing route. So that you can see everything during a day in Giethoorn and find your way back from the Weerribben.

Parking in Giethoorn

You can park your car on the green P2. This is behind the boat rental and Restaurant de Grachthof at Binnenpad 54 in Giethoorn. Parking is free here.

Reserving a boat

Booking a boat at the Grachthof in advance can via or by calling 0521-361270. Reserving a boat ensures a carefree day in Giethoorn. This is certainly recommended in the following busy periods:

  • Whitsunday
  • May holidays
  • Ascension Day
  • Weekends from May to September
  • Summer holidays (Especially during the construction trade (Bouwvak 2022) holiday)

Adress: Binnenpad 54, 8355BT Giethoorn 

Restaurant de Grachthof

Restaurant Grachthof is located directly on the village canal of Giethoorn. Restaurant de Grachthof is located in the centre of Giethoorn. With a private parking space in front of the door, the restaurant certainly has advantages over other restaurants in Giethoorn as far as parking in Giethoorn is concerned. The restaurant has an inside and an outside part with a view over the village canal. So you can enjoy lunch or dinner both indoors and outdoors. You can also go here for a cup of coffee with apple pie or an ice cream. Click here for info.

Adress: Binnenpad 54, 8355BT Giethoorn 

About de Grachthof

De Grachthof is a boat rental company on the Binnenpad, which is located in the middle of the car-free part of Giethoorn. If you want to sail in Giethoorn, but you do not have a boat, you can rent a whisper boat here. They offer 40 whisper boats and punters for rent. The Grachthof also does cruises through Giethoorn in a tour boat. In addition to the possibility to rent a boat, they have a restaurant with the terrace on the village canal of Giethoorn. Come and watch boats here and enjoy a cup of coffee with apple pie and whipped cream at the same time. They also have their own parking space behind the restaurant. On their website, boat rental Grachthof, very transparently shows the current price of a sloop and / or whisper boat to rent.

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