Resort Venetie

Resort Venetie Giethoorn is a small-scale chalet park in the central area of Giethoorn. This chalet park is within walking distance of the sometimes busy center of Giethoorn. You can literally park in front of the door. You can also rent a boat or bicycle here.

Resort Venetie Giethoorn

Resort Venetie is located in the Middenbuurt of Giethoorn at Kerkweg 35. With 40 chalets on the water, this can safely be called a small-scale chalet park. With a spacious parking lot in front of the door, this holiday park certainly has advantages compared to other holiday parks in Giethoorn when it comes to parking in Giethoorn.

Spend the night at resort Venetie

Resort venetie luchtfoto
Resort Venetië from above

You can recreate at this chalet park 365 days a year. Under certain conditions you can even live there for a short time. Partly due to the connection to the gas network, you can also enjoy comfortable recreation here in winter. Everyone knows each other at this park. This creates a natural social control, which contributes to the feeling of safety and solidarity. There is camera security in the park and a good WiFi signal everywhere.

Your own boat on your doorstep

Each chalet is located on open waters and has its own jetty. Sloops up to 6.50 meters can be moored here effortlessly. This way you can go out with your own boat whenever you want. You will be in the middle of the Weerribben in about 15 minutes by boat. You can reach the center of Giethoorn in about 10 minutes by boat.

Closed with an entrance gate

To get to the chalet park by car, you must first go through the central entrance gate. This entrance gate can only be opened by the owners of the chalets. Each chalet owner is given the option to open this gate via a remote control. In this way they try to keep uninvited guests out.

Chalet park manager

The daily management of Resort Venetie is in the hands of Edwin Spang. His office is in the former front house of the farm. The farm located on the right side of the park entrance. For all your questions you can contact Mr. Spang rightly so.


Contact is possible by telephone: 0521-362724 or by email:

Parking in front of the door

You can park a maximum of 1 car next to your chalet. There is a free option for guests to park opposite the park. This car park has 60 parking spaces. There is camera surveillance in the parking lot. It is not allowed to park a camper here.

Address: Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

Giethoorn boat rental

Rent a Giethoorn boat

At the back of the farm, the only one in the chalet park, you can rent a Giethoorn boat. This boat rental company has 24 boats for rent. They are open from early April to September. It is advisable to reserve a boat to avoid disappointment.

Parking next to the boats

Giethoorn boat rental customers have the option to park their car for free in the parking lot next to the park.

Sailing route-app

Sailing routes Giethoorn

Vaarroute-app van Giethoorn
Scan or click on QR code for sailing routes

The staff at Giethoorn boat rental is ready to explain to you in advance about operating the engine and the different sailing routes. You were always given a map with a suggested sailing route. This was to ensure that you saw everything during your visit and could find your way back. Nowadays you can download the Giethoorn sailing app. All sailing routes of our village are listed here.

Sailing app Giethoorn Village

This map that you receive also contains a QR code that refers to the Giethoorn Village sailing app. This app contains a number of sailing routes. Super handy if you don't want to get lost.

Which boats are available for rent?

Whisper boat rental

A whisper boat is an open punt that is electrically powered.
At Giethoorn boat rental you can rent a 2-6 person whisper boat. The whisper boats of the Giethoorn boat rental are recognizable by a light green color.

Sloop rental

You can also rent a 4-8 person sloop at Giethoorn boat rental. These are aluminum sloops with luxurious cushions.

Cruise Giethoorn

In a covered tour boat they sail via the Bovenwijde, back through the famous village canal of Giethoorn to the starting point. During the tour, the skippers from Giethoorn boat rental will tell you all about the history and origins of our village.

Address: Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

Do I need to reserve a boat?

Reserving a boat

You can reserve a boat via telephone number 06-22004433 or by sending an email to Reserving a boat is highly recommended on the following days/periods, due to the expected crowds, during:

  • Easter
  • Pentecost
  • May holiday
  • Ascension Day
  • Weekends from May to September
  • Summer holidays (Especially during the construction holiday 2024)

Resort Venetië rental

Renting a chalet

It is also possible to rent a chalet or several chalets. You can reserve a chalet in the park via telephone number 0521-362724 or by sending an email to

Rent out your chalet completely without any worries

It is possible to have your chalet rented out by Resort Venice. Moreover, it is possible to be completely unburdened from check-in to check-out and the next check-in.

Parking Giethoorn

You can park your car for free next to Resort Venetie at Kerkweg 35 in Giethoorn. Parking is only allowed here for guests of Resort Venetie and Giethoorn boat rental. There is camera surveillance in the parking lot.

Address: Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

Resort Venetië for sale

Buying a chalet

It is also possible to buy a chalet or several chalets. For more information or to view the park and plots, please contact Mr Edwin Spang. Buying a chalet at the park always goes through Mr Spang. He can be reached via telephone number 0521-362724 or by sending an email to

The purchasing process
  • Request a cost overview via the contact details
  • Choose a plot that suits you. During a short tour, the park owner will show you the available plots.
  • A chalet will ultimately be placed on the selected plot. The owner will provide you with information about the maximum dimensions and appearance of the chalet on the plot of your choice.
  • To purchase a chalet, we would like to refer you to a recognized supplier in the area. Once you have received the quote for the chalet, you will meet with the owner to discuss the final details and make a final decision.

Address: Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

Parking at Resort Venetië 

Parking Giethoorn

Parkeren Giethoorn
Parking at Resort Venetie

You can park your car for free next to Resort Venetie at Kerkweg 35 in Giethoorn. Parking is only allowed here for guests of Resort Venetie and Giethoorn boat rental. There is camera surveillance in the parking lot.

Multiple parking spaces

Did you know that there are 25 free parking spaces in Giethoorn?

Restaurants in Giethoorn

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