Giethoorn private tour

Discover a different side of the Netherlands. Far away, from the urban bustle of Amsterdam. Join us, on a day trip to the picturesque water village of Giethoorn. Learn the history of our car-free village while being sailed around. Explore Giethoorn's canals, gardens, and wetlands on a private tour included in the price. Here you will find a selection of reliable private guides in Giethoorn.

Giethorn tours

Giethorn tours

Amsterdam to Giethoorn
Giethoorn tour

Meet Giethorn, a Dutch tour operator and boat rental in Giethoorn, with branches in Giethoorn and Amsterdam. Their specialty lies in organizing fully catered day trips from Amsterdam to Giethoorn. They do this for groups of 2 to 21 people. A pickup at your Amsterdam hotel is included. In addition, they mediate with local entrepreneurs for the best price for their customers. This allows them to offer a sharper price than the competition. A selection of giethorn's day trips and activities:

  • Giethoorn tour
  • Tulipfields tour
  • Volendam tour
  • Photography tours
  • Zaanse schans tour

Giethoorn boat rental 

Giethorn, your guide is a boat rental company located at Kerkweg 35 in Giethoorn. This boat rental company is located near the center of Giethoorn. As a boat rental company, they put luxury, comfort and sustainability first. That is why, for example, they only rent electrically sailing whisper boats. Their luxury sloops and whisper boats can be rented at affordable and fair prices.

About originated from a tour operator that transported buses with tourists from Amsterdam to Giethoorn on a daily basis. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were forced to look for other sources of income, which is why they now rent out boats in Giethoorn.

Check-in on site

You can pay on the spot with:

  • Bank card (pin)
  • Cash
  • Tourist office vouchers

If you want the certainty that a sloop or whisper boat is waiting for you, you can reserve one with us. Our boats can be booked via

You can also rent a boat with them without a reservation. To avoid disappointment, it is wise to call our boat rental in advance on 06-33399923, if there is still a boat available to rent.

Which boats for rent?

Giethoorn boat rental
Giethoorn boat rental

They offer 5 types of boat rental in Giethoorn:

  • 4 people whisper boat
  • 6 people whisper boat
  • 4-5 person sloop
  • 8-person sloop
  • 12-person sloop (maximum number allowed by law)

All their electric boats are equipped with soft cushions. All their boats have a handlebar. No license is required to drive all their boats. In addition, you can hire a private captain to sail your boat through them.

Parking and location

You can park your car next to the Giethoorn bootje huren at Kerkweg 35 at Giethoorn.  Parking is free there.

Address: Kerkweg 35, 8355 BJ Giethoorn

From Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Organized bus trip

Amsterdam to Giethoorn
Organized bus trip

This is a day tour to Giethoorn from Amsterdam by 23-seater bus. The costs in 2020 were around € 89 per person. You will be picked up from your hotel in Amsterdam around 10.00 A.M. A guided cruise in a canal boat and lunch in our village is included. At 16:00 P.M the bus leaves back to Amsterdam. At 18.00 P.M you will be back at your hotel in Amsterdam.

  • 10.00 A.M Departure Amsterdam
  • 18.00 P.M Arrival Amsterdam
  • Costs € 89 per person (2020)
Private driver

Amsterdam to Giethoorn
Private driver

This private tour from Amsterdam to Giethoorn is for groups up to 8 people. The transport from Amsterdam to Giethoorn is done by minibus. The cost per minibus was around € 350 in 2020. Pickup from your Amsterdam hotel around 10:00 A.M for a private tour from Amsterdam to Giethoorn by minivan. A private boat trip in a luxury sloop is not included. At 14.00 P.M the minibus leaves back to Amsterdam. At 15.30 P.M you will be back at your hotel in Amsterdam.

  • 10.00 A.M Vertrek Amsterdam
  • 15.30 P.M Aankomst Amsterdam
  • Kosten per minibus € 350 (2020)

Giethoorn private boat tour 

Giethorn, your guide

Private guide in Giethoorn
Private tour in Giethoorn has many years of experience in guiding small groups in Netherlands. This is a private tour company located in the village center of Giethoorn. In fact, the locals who run this private tour company are one of the most passionate guides there are in Giethoorn. So, If you want to make sure that you’ll have these private guides sailing you then it is advisable to book them in advance.

Private captain

A private tour in a luxury sloop is for groups up to 12 people. Costs per hour started in 2021 from €110 for a small group. You sail through the Venice of the Netherlands in a luxurious old Dutch sloop. Your private captain will lead you through our village. During the boat trip, the captain will tell you all the special things about the Venice of Holland. The captain speaks Dutch, English, German and a little Arabic. In combination with a private tour by minibus from Amsterdam to Giethoorn, discounts are possible.

  • 2-hour boat trip from € 220
  • Own captain

We have a pick-up service at your Dutch hotel. The customers are picked up with a luxury car. So, you can allow yourself a carefree day. Usally customers are picked up from their hotel around 10am.

Boats available

Giethorn offers 2 types of boats. They sail in a 6 person sloop. And use a 12 person sloop for bigger groups or for groups who want more space. Both boats are luxurious whisper boats with an electric engine from Giethoorn boat rental. The boats have lovely soft cushions to sit on. Additionally, you can eat on the boat. Are you ready for a Giethoorn private boat tour?

Parking and location

You can park your car next to the Giethoorn bootje huren at Kerkweg 35 at Giethoorn.  Parking is free there.

Address: Kerkweg 35, 8355 BJ Giethoorn

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