Ice skating in Giethoorn

Ice skating in Giethoorn, that's been a while. The last time you could skate in Giethoorn was in the winter of 2021. Of course we know Giethoorn from all that water, those cute houses with thatched roofs and all those bridges. You probably know the pictures on social media, with all those boats sailing through Giethoorn. But what is it like in Giethoorn in the winter? When can you actually skate in Giethoorn?

Latest update: 16 December 2022

ice skating in Giethoorn

frozen canals in Giethoorn

Schaatsen Giethoorn 2018
Giethoorn 2018

Ice skating in Giethoorn is a beautiful scene. It takes some getting used to seeing all those skaters on the ice, instead of all those boats that are rented out in the summer. The landscape, sometimes even accompanied by snow, has changed completely during a skating trip through Giethoorn. Be careful not to bump your head: Giethoorn is known for its many bridges. Don't forget to pack yourself well. Your gloves and hat will be indispensable while skating.

Best ice skating time Giethoorn

If you want to avoid the large crowds, it is best to skate before 10.00 am or on a weekday. It is expected that it will be busiest on the ice during the weekends. Despite the call from the Mayor of Steenwijkerland to go skating on your own waters, we expect tens of thousands of skating enthusiasts to come to Giethoorn this weekend.

Be well prepared

Wak in de dorpsgracht
Hole in ice Giethoorn 2021

Ice growth does not go without cold. Be well prepared during a day of skating in Giethoorn. Start with the weather forecast of Giethoorn. Here are some more tips to take with you:

  • Proper clothing
  • Backpack
  • Food and drink
  • Spare clothes
  • GSM (smartphone)
  • First aid kit
  • Safety set
Walking in Giethoorn

Maybe you don't like ice skating at all. you can also enjoy walking during the winter period in Giethoorn.

Ice growth in Giethoorn

Last ice measurements in Giethoorn from 2022

Giethoorn bruin ijs
Brown ice in Giethoorn 2021

With the current temperatures, ice growth in Giethoorn is going well. This morning we measured the ice at several points in Giethoorn.

  • Dorpsgracht average (6 cm) ice. Measurement 16 December at 08.45
  • Top wide along the sides (5cm) ice. Measurement 16 December at 09.00
  • Molengat Along the sides (7 cm) ice. Measurement 16 December at 09.20
Ice on the village canal

The ice in the Dorpsgracht was without holes this morning, but because a tour boat sailed through the village canal a few days ago, the ice is not equally thick and smooth everywhere. Ice quality: 5.5.

First skaters fall through ice

On December 15, 2022, we received a number of reports of skaters who fell through the ice in and around Giethoorn. Just a little patience I would say.

Ice on the Bovenwijde

The ice is closed almost everywhere. A beautiful ice floor is developing. Somewhat bumpy in places. Ice quality: 6.5.

Ice on the Molengat

The ice is closed everywhere. Very nice ice floor here. Ice quality: 7.0.

Cookie and biscuit
Just to warm up

The catering entrepreneurs are allowed to sell cake and zopie in Giethoorn. From hot chocolate to chowder and from mulled wine to smoked sausages will be for sale. It is not the intention that the purchased food is consumed on the spot. Try to find a quiet place with your party to eat the purchased food.

Red carpet rolled out

The entrepreneurs use carpet to walk from the Dorpsgracht to the koek en zopie.

Where can you go for a hot chocolate in Giethoorn?
  • Restaurant de Grachthof
  • Smit Giethoorn
  • Grand café Fanfare
Plus supermarket in Giethoorn

This Plus supermarket is located in the center of Giethoorn. You can park in front of the supermarket. Please note, this parking lot is a blue zone. Don't forget to put down your parking ticket. tip: look for offers in the Plus folder.

Parking in Giethoorn

Where to park your car in Giethoorn?

Parkeren in Giethoorn
Parking in Giethoorn

Center parkings (green signs)

There are parking spaces in several places in our village. For example, there are 3 large parking spaces in the center. 610 parking spaces (green signs) have been created there.

Giethoorn from Meppel or Wanneperveen (red signs)

Also, if you enter Giethoorn from Meppel, Wanneperveen or Zwartsluis, you will come across 7 parking spaces with a total of 710 parking spaces (red signs).

Giethoorn from Steenwijk or Blokzijl (yellow signs)

And, if you enter Giethoorn from Steenwijk or Blokzijl, you will come across 2 parking spaces. These 2 parking spaces have a total of 300 parking spaces (yellow signs).

Free parking

Nice to know that most parking spaces in Giethoorn are free of charge.

Wrong parking

Parking outside the designated parking spaces can incur a fine of € 95.


Elfstedentocht from 1997

There was not even an inch of ice in the Netherlands and on TV they were already talking about the Elfstedentocht of 2021. Typically Dutch! This often happens when a little ice is expected. It is more than 24 years ago that Henk Angenent with the men  and Klasina Seinstra with the women cheered across the line. Here are the results of the Elfstedentocht in 1997:

Result Elfstedentocht 1997 (Men) 
  1. Henk Angenent
  2. Erik Hulzebosch
  3. Bert Verduin
  4. Henk van Benthem
  5. Arnold Stam
Result Elfstedentocht 1997 (Woman) 
  1. Klasina Seinstra
  2. Gretha Smit
  3. Boukje Bron
  4. Jenita Smit
  5. Jolanda Duivenvoorden-Grimbergen
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