Dwarsgracht, the little brother of Giethoorn, or was it the other way around. Besides similarities with Giethoorn, there are indeed differences with Giethoorn. We'll list the differences here. So we show why Dwarsgracht, it's worth visiting.

What to do in Dwarsgracht?

Boat rental in Giethoorn

Rent your own boat

The best way to experience Dwarsgracht is by boat. All about the boat rental options.

Rondvaart Giethoorn

Take a canal cruise

Discover Giethoorn and Dwarsgracht in a tour boat. Take a seat and let the skippers tell you everything about our village.

Private guide in Giethoorn

Private boat tour

Hire a local to show you the best places in our village. No traffic jams. Discover our village with your own guide.


Very quiet

Unlike the rest of the Netherlands, it is very quiet in Dwarsgracht, even in the high season. You can relax while sailing in Dwarsgracht and its surroundings. This Dutch village is located in the middle of Weerriben-Wieden National Park. The core of Dwarsgracht consists of a village moat with ribbon buildings on either side. Along this village canal are all houses with thatched roofs with surroundings, neatly maintained and deep green lawns. You feel like you are in Giethoorn, if you sail through this but will not see hordes of tourists. Outside this core is, as mentioned, the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. From the village canal you can sail through small ditties into the Weerribben.

Rent a boat

bootje huren
Rent a boat

If you don't have your own boat, you can rent one in Dwarsgracht. From Dwarsgracht you can discover the nature reserve the weather ribs with a boat. You can also, of course, sail towards Giethoorn. You can also rent a boat in Giethoorn and sail from there to Dwarsgracht, Belt-schutsloot or Jonen. If you have Dwarsgracht as a starting point, you can rent a boat from 2 boat rental companies. Below the 2 boat rental companies of Dwarsgracht.

Boat rental De Otterskooi
  • Electric motorboat (4 persons)
  • Whisperboat (6 persoons)
  • Luxury Boat (9 persoons)
Pettersloep Boat rental (06-23128123)
  • Luxury sloop (6-8 persoons)

Rent a boat in Giethoorn

The other way around is also possible. You can rent a boat from one of the boat rental companies in Giethoorn and sail from Giethoorn to Dwarsgracht.

Where to rent a boat in Giethoorn 

Bootverhuur Arendshorst

Bootverhuur Broer

Cafe Fanfare

Dames van de Jonge

De Grachthof

De Harmonie

Fam. Heida

Giethorn Bootje

Hollands Venetië 

Hotel de Pergola

Koppers Giethoorn


M.S van den Heuvel

Recreatiecentrum Geythorn

Resort Venetië

Restaurant de Rietstulp



Smit Giethoorn

Smits paviljoen




Organised boat trip

Tour in a tourboat

Tour in a tourboat
Cruise in a tourboat

At Restaurant / boat rental the Otterskooi you can also get off for a tour in a tour boat. This cruise goes through the Weerribben. These tour boats are sailed by skilled skippers, who also have a lot to say about the origin of this peatland and its nature.

De Otterskooi
  • Tour boat (max 40 persons)


Canoe hire in Dwarsgracht

Hire a canoe
Hire a canoe

Step into a canoe and discover Weerribben-weeding National Park. For an average of € 20 you can sail a whole day canoe in the Weerribben. For that money you can rent a 2-person Canadian canoe in Dwarsgracht. Below you can see the two canoe hosts of this Dutch village.

Camping Dwarsgracht
  • Canoe rental (2 persons)
De Otterskooi
  • Canadian canoe (2 persoons)


Cycling in Weerribben-Wieden

Dwarsgracht fietsen
Biking in Dwarsgracht

With 4 kilometres of cycle paths you can cycle in the Weerribben-Wieden, through the greenery, along waters and over bridges. You can download a very nice cycling route in the area via visitweerribbenwieden en, a very nice cycling route in the area. Dwarsgracht can be used as a starting point, but of course also as an intermediate point for your cycling route. If you don't have your own bike, you can always rent one at one of the bike rental points. Two bike rental companies in Dwarsgracht can be found below.

  • Otter fietsverhuur
  • Kanodorp.nl

Walking and hiking

Hiking in Weerribben-Wieden

Walking in the village

With miles of hiking trails you can walk in Weerribben-Wieden, through the greenery, along waters and over bridges. You can download a very nice walking route in the area via visitweerribbenwieden com, a very nice walking route in the area. Dwarsgracht can be used as a starting point, but of course also as an intermediate point.

Where to eat something

Restaurant de Otterskooi

With restaurant de Otterskooi you immediately have the only restaurant of Dwarsgracht to catch. With an extensive menu, it is delicious food at the Otterskooi. You can also visit the terrace for a cup of coffee and apple pastry with whipped cream. From the terrace you can see into the Weerribben. Opening times 9am-9pm.

  • Lunch
  • Diner

Dwarsgracht 54 8355CW Giethoorn

 Overnight in Weerribben-wieden

Overnight in Dwarsgracht

Don't expect hotels or a large campsite here. Besides a number of B&B possibilities, accommodation and a holiday home, the night in Dwarsgracht is still in its infancy. Here you will find campsites and hotels in Giethoorn nearby.

Logement Dwarszicht

Logement ‘Dwarszicht’ is located in the picturesque village of Dwarsgracht ± 3 km. west of Giethoorn and situated in the back of a new farmhouse of the Petter family, which was built in 2008. The apartment is smoke and pet free. Seen from the public road, on the other side of the village canal but nevertheless very easily accessible via a characteristic bridge over the water.

Camping Dwarsgracht
  • Tractor cabins
  • Pitches
  • Hostel
  • B&B

Gondola ride in Dwarsgracht

Gondola ride 2024

Dwarsgracht gondelvaart 2019
Dwarsgracht gondola ride 2019

Traditionally, on every last Saturday of July a gondola cruise is organized in Dwarsgracht. Then you can enjoy the scenic gondolas. The gondola ride starts at 20.00. When it gets dark, around 21.45, the procession, which is illuminated this time, sails back. In the meantime, you can listen to sailing music corps and a boat sails in the canal.


Admission is € 2 per person for children up to 12 years and from the age of 13, admission is € 5,– per person

Gondola ride 2022 and 2023

The 2021 gondola ride was canceled due to the corona measures that were in force at the time. The gondola trips of 2022 and 2023 did go ahead. The entire village and surrounding area came to watch this beautiful spectacle. Nice to see that (local) youth also sailed on a few boats.

About Dwarsgracht


Giethoorn Tips
Municipality of Steenwijkerland

Unlike the rest of the Netherlands, this Dutch village is very quiet, even in high season. You can completely relax here while sailing, walking or cycling. Dwarsgracht is located in the middle of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. The core of this village consists of a village canal with ribbon buildings on either side. Along this village canal are all houses with thatched roofs surrounded by neatly maintained, deep green lawns. You will feel like you are in Giethoorn when you sail through here, but you will not see hordes of tourists. As mentioned, the Weerribben-Wieden National Park lies outside this core. From the village canal you can sail straight into the Weerribben via small ditches.

Local authority Steenwijkerland

This Dutch water village is located in the middle of Weerribben-weeding in the municipality of Steenwijkerland. It is located in the northeastern part of the Netherlands, in the head of Overijssel, 5 minutes away from Giethoorn.  Behind restaurant de Otterskooi is a large parking lot. It is only 5 minutes away by car from Giethoorn.


Although there are no exact figures available, we assume an annual 35,000 visitors. Unlike Giethoorn, mainly Dutch people come here to visit. These bikes, walking or cruising through Dwarsgracht, a few also stay there.

Gondola ride

Almost one third of the annual 35,000 visitors already come during the annual gondola cruise. Typically, 10,000 visitors come to this Dutch village on the weekend of the gondola ride.

 Giethoorn look-alike

Little Sister of Giethoorn

Furthermore, there are quite a few similarities with Giethoorn. For example, there are houses with thatched roofs on the water. Although there are a lot fewer bridges, the bridges that are there give Dwarsgracht an authentic character. You can also rent a boat or a bike and there is a real restaurant. Furthermore, some of the residents, even no car can park near their house. It is hoped that they will not follow suit here, Giethoorn, in terms of commercialization.

Parking in Dwarsgracht

As mentioned earlier, Dwarsgracht is far behind Giethoorn with regard to visitor numbers. For example, there are no large parking spaces in the village. Except for the parking lot behind the Otterskooi restaurant. It may be good to know that you can park on the roadside in many places. Make sure that when parking your car you cause as little inconvenience as possible for residents and other passers-by.

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