Practical Information
Parking in Giethoorn village

There is one main parking lot in Giethoorn village for 610 cars (green area) and around 20 smaller parkings.
Most of  these parking places are free of charge.
The 20 smaller parking lots are from 50 up to 200 parking places.

All parkings in Giethoorn village are situated at boatrentalcompanies. (red area) So it is parking your car and getting on the boat. There is also often an opportunity to eat close to the parking facilities.

Parking in Giethoorn 3
Parking in Giethoorn 4

If you Google (Giethoorn village),  Google will send you to this big parking lot (green area). During the high-season (April-Oktober) it is wise to use the smaller parking lots (red area) for parking, because of the crowds.

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