Belt Schutsloot

Belt-Schutsloot, like Dwarsgracht, also a little brother of Giethoorn. Located in the middle of Weerribben-wieden National Park, where peace, space and relaxation are the key words. Besides similarities with Giethoorn, there are indeed differences with Giethoorn. We'll list the differences here. So we show, why belt schutsloot, is also worth visiting.

What to do in Belt-Schutsloot?

Boat rental in Giethoorn

Rent your own boat

The best way to experience Belt-Schutsloot is by boat. All about the boat rental options.

Rondvaart Giethoorn

Take a canal cruise

Discover Giethoorn and Belt-schutsloot in a tour boat. Take a seat and let the skippers tell you everything about our village.

Private guide in Giethoorn

Private boat tour

Hire a local to show you the best places in our village. No traffic jams. Discover our village with your own guide.

Sailing in Belt Schutsloot

Bootje varen
Rent a boat

Own boat

When you have your own boat, Belt-Schutsloot is really recommended. Far away from all the hustle and bustle you can relax in Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

Cruise in the Weerribben

Via varenindewieden nl you can get off for a cruise through the Weerribben.  These cruises are sailed by skilled skippers. They can also tell you a lot about the origins of this national park and its nature. They have 2 tour boats, which can accommodate 20 and 45 people, in the boat.

Canoe rental

Kano Weerribben
Canoe Weerribben

In Belt-Schutslootyou can rent a canoe at water sports campsite Klein Belterwijde. Discover Weerribben-Wieden National Park from a canoe. For € 18 you can sail a whole day canoe in the Weerribben-Wieden. For that money you can rent a 2-person Canadian canoe at Klein Belterweide. They also have an option to rent a 10 person Canadian canoe, a unique experience for larger groups.


Stand up paddle is so 2021 said my daughter. At camping Klein Belterwijde they rent out a sup board. Get moving and explore the Weerribben at the same time.

Boat hire Weerribben

From Belt-Schutsloot you can discover the Weerribben, but of course you can also sail towards Giethoorn. At water sports campsite Klein Belterwijde, you can choose from a Whisper boat or a luxury boat. Reservations can be made at 038-3866795.

Boat hire Giethoorn

The other way around is also possible. You can rent a boat from one of the boat rental companies in Giethoorn and sail from Giethoorn to Belt Schutsluis.

Where to rent a small boat in Giethoorn?

Boat rental Giethoorn

Bootverhuur Arendshorst

Bootverhuur Broer

Cafe Fanfare

Dames van de Jonge

De Grachthof

De Harmonie

Fam. Heida

Giethorn Bootje

Hollands Venetië 

Hotel de Pergola

Koppers Giethoorn


M.S van den Heuvel

Recreatiecentrum Geythorn

Resort Venetië

Restaurant de Rietstulp



Smit Giethoorn

Smits paviljoen




Gondola cruise of Belt-Schutsloot

Gondola in Belt schutsloot 2022

Gondelvaart Belt schutsloot
Belt Schutsloot gondola cruise

What started in 1938 as a modest village festival with simply dressed gondolas has grown into a national event with more than ten thousand visitors. Traditionally, a gondola cruise is organised in Belt-Schutsloot every 2nd Friday of August. Then you can enjoy the scenic gondolas. The gondola ride starts at 20.00. When it gets dark, around 21.45, the procession, which is illuminated this time, sails back. In the meantime, you can listen to sailing music corps. It's going to end with fireworks.


Cycling in the Weerribben

Fietsen Belt-Schutsloot
Cycling-route in Belt-Schutsloot

With kilometres of cycle paths you can cycle in the Weerribben-Wieden, through the greenery, along waters and over bridges. You can download a very nice cycling route in the area via visitweerribbenwieden nl, a very nice cycling route in the area. Belt-Schutsloot can be used as a starting point, but of course also as an intermediate point. If you don't have your own bike, you can always rent one at one of the bike rental points.



Walking in the Weerribben

Wandelen in Belt-schutsloot
Hikingtrail Belt schutsloot

With miles of hiking trails you can walk in Weerribben-Wieden, through the greenery, along waters and over bridges. You can download a very nice walking route in the area via visitweerribbenwieden en, a very nice walking route in the area. Belt-Schutsloot can be used as a starting point, but of course also as an intermediate point.

Petit restaurant the Otterswold

We would like to point you to petit-restaurant de Otterswold in Belt-schutsloot. The Otterswold is a perfect location for your stopover to enjoy a nice dinner. Or as a starting point for your recreational trip.

Where to eat something

Restaurants in Belt-Schutsloot

Petit-restaurant the Otterswold

Restaurant de Otterswold is located on the village canal of this beautiful water village, in the middle of the head of Overijssel. The Restaurant is located in a central location in the village and is not to be missed during your boating, cycling or walking tour of the village!
It is therefore an extremely suitable location for your stopover to be able to have a nice dinner. Or as a starting point for your recreational trip and (company) outing.

Terrace by the water

From the terrace by the water you have a beautiful view. In a pleasant atmosphere you can enjoy the sun, a delicious glass of wine, draught beer, ice cream, warm waffle with fresh strawberries etc.


They have ample parking and are easily accessible by car, bike, boat, canoe and on foot.


Noorderweg 45 Belt-Schutsloot

Café the Waterlelie

With a beautiful view over the Kleine Belterwijde, café "De Waterlily" in the village is a very special catering establishment. Here you can go for a bite and drink in an authentic atmosphere.

Terrace by the water

On the very quiet terrace, where you will not be affected by traffic, it is particularly good to stay.

Boat rental Belt Schutsloot

At the Cafe the Waterlelie you can rent a whisper boat or a luxury boat. This allows you to discover the Weerribben independently.


Belterweg 104 8066PZ Belt-Schutsloot


Overnight in the Weerribben

Overnight in Belt-schutsloot

Do not expect hotels here, such as hotel Giethoorn. However, you will find a number of B & B options, campsites and a few holiday homes here. These are all smaller campsites. For larger campsites in the region, it is better to look at camping Giethoorn. The following campsites can be found in Belt Schutsloot:

  • De Polle
  • Kleine Belterwijde
  • De Wiede
  • De Wanepe

Welcome in Belt-Schutsloot

Belt Schutsloot


This Dutch water village is located in the middle of Weerribben-Wieden in the municipality of Steenwijkerland. It is located in the northeastern part of the Netherlands, in the head of Overijssel, 8 minutes away from Giethoorn.  Behind Petit-Restaurant Het Otterswold is a large parking lot. Parking is free there.


Although there are no exact figures available, we assume an annual 56,000 visitors. Unlike Giethoorn, mainly Dutch people come here to visit. These bikes, walking or sailing through Belt-Schutsloot, a few also stay there. With these visitor numbers it is wonderful to stay in this Dutch water village.

 Giethoorn look-alike

Just like Giethoorn

Furthermore, there are quite a few similarities with Giethoorn. For example, there are houses with thatched roofs on the water. Although there are a lot fewer bridges, the bridges that are there give Belt-Schutsloot an authentic character. The big difference is that the canals are a bit wider than in Giethoorn. As a result, the passage is a lot smoother than in Giethoorn. Of course, there are also far fewer tourists than in Giethoorn. Just like in Giethoorn, you can also rent a bike or a boat and there are several restaurants. Furthermore, some of the residents cannot park a car at their house. It is to be hoped that they will not go after Giethoorn in terms of commercialization.

Villages nearby De Weerribben





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