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Henri Willig Giethoorn has also been based in Giethoorn since 2023. Henri Willig had a long-cherished wish to also open a branch in Giethoorn. With a cheese shop, Grandcafé and a tour boat in front of the door, they want to introduce visitors to Giethoorn to the Henri Willig cheese brand.

About Henri Willig 

Back to 1974

Henri Willig Giethoorn
Henri Willig Giethoorn

Henri Willig is the founder of Henri Willig Kaas. Henri grew up as the only son in a family of 5 children among the cows on the dairy farm "De Jacobs Hoeve". He took over the family business in 1974 after completing primary agricultural school. Together with his wife Riet, they soon came up with the idea of making cheese themselves. They took a cheese making class and discovered the secret to making great cheese because they learned that making great cheese must start with happy, healthy animals. Henri and Riet's children now run the multi-million dollar company and coach their children from the sidelines.

Henri Willig cheese as global brand

Well-known player on the international cheese market

With 26 cheese shops in the Netherlands and even a cheese shop in Germany and Oostenwijk, Henri Willig is a well-known player on the cheese market. These stores offer a wide range of Henri Willig cheese products. The shops sell aged cheeses from our own cheese factory, gourmet meals and wines, as well as gift and kitchenware such as cheese slicers, cheese boards, fondue sets and souvenirs. Every year, the Henri Willig branches receive millions of customers from home and abroad.

Henri Willig cheeseshop

In this cozy shop on the Ds. T.O. Hylkemaweg 39 in the heart of Giethoorn, you will be warmly welcomed by Henri Willig's team. The employees, dressed in traditional costumes, can explain everything about the traditional preparation of cheese. you will be received here with warm hospitality. Raised in hospitality, they strive to give visitors an unforgettable cheese experience. In the adjacent restaurant/grand cafe, delicious cheeses take center stage in surprising dishes. They strive to offer many organic options. In the cheese shop you can buy Henri Willig cheese to enjoy at home.

Address: D.s T.O Hylkemaweg 39, 8355CE Giethoorn

Grand Café Henri willig

The current location of the Grand Cafe previously housed the hotel restaurant in the center. Thousands of people were pampered here during their stay in Giethoorn, and Henri Willig is happy to continue this course. Hospitality is in Henri Willig's DNA, which is partly why it is their goal to provide their visitors with an unforgettable cheese experience. In our restaurants, our delicious cheeses take center stage in surprising dishes. We strive to offer many organic options. Not all dishes on the menu are cheese related. You can also come here for coffee, apple pie or a portion of chicken satay with fries.

200 seats

The restaurant has approximately 200 seats both indoors and outdoors. This makes the restaurant the largest restaurant in Giethoorn. Larger groups are also very welcome. From the inside and outside part of the restaurant you have a good view of the passing boats.

Address: D.s T.O Hylkemaweg 39, 8355CE Giethoorn

Boat cruise in Giethoorn Village

Henri Willig also has his own tour boat in Giethoorn with which boat trips are organized. This is how their (local) skippers show the beautiful places of Giethoorn. They tell you everything you didn't know about Giethoorn. If desired, you can enjoy a cheese board with Henri Willig's exclusive cheeses during the cruise. There is a choice of 2 types:

  • Plank Cheese Family, a cheese board with special family line cheeses.
  • Plank Picasso, a colorful cheese board

The tour boat can accommodate 42 people. So you are also very welcome with a group. Click on this link if you have specific questions or wishes.

Address: D.s T.O Hylkemaweg 39, 8355CE Giethoorn

Booking a boat cruise

You can reserve a spot on the tour boat via: grandcafe@henriwillig.com

Parking in Giethoorn

Henri Willig is located directly on the Hylkemaweg in Giethoorn. The Grandcafe and the cheese shop are located in the center of Giethoorn. With its own parking space in front of the door, the restaurant and cheese shop certainly have advantages compared to other restaurants in Giethoorn when it comes to parking in Giethoorn. Navigate to D.s. T.O Hylkemaweg 39 in front of the parking lot directly behind Henri Willig. From here it is about a 200 meter walk to the restaurant and cheese shop. The boarding point for the tour boat is also here.

Address: D.s T.O Hylkemaweg 39, 8355CE Giethoorn

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